7 Tips for Buying Tickets for The Big Chill

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7 Tips for Buying Tickets for The Big Chill

The Big Chill is a concert venue that holds different concerts and events in the U.K. It, like most other venues, has a long list of bands and other entertainments for those who want to attend. There are many performances and exhibits to keep attendees occupied for quite some time. Although this particular venue had an admittedly rocky start, it does appear to be making a comeback.

Since there have been problems in the past, careful consideration needs to be taken when purchasing tickets for the Big Chill. In the past, there have been a number of cancellations, changes, and changes of performers. Because of these changes, there are a few basic tips or rules that a person should apply before purchasing tickets for the Big Chill at a retail outlet or an online outlet, such as eBay. Each tip is meant to help a would-be concertgoer to have the best possible time while attending the Big Chill. The first thing to look at is the return policy for the tickets, the second is what can be done if there is a cancellation of a band, and the third is the different accommodations that can be made in the event of a change.

1. Total Cancellation of Tickets

Due to the nature of the concert series and the fact that it has been cancelled before, a buyer should make sure that the money he or she spends on tickets may be returned if the event has been cancelled. This is often the most obvious portion of the ticket policy. Many places do not allow returns, but do allow a person to attend a different concert or the Big Chill at a later date. Memorabilia for cancelled dates may also be available at a lower cost.

2. Fine Print of Tickets

As with most purchases, the fine print can help later. If the festival is completely cancelled, the fine print provides a consumer with the information for what to do to return the tickets. Many of the retail outlets can issue a full or partial refund, but only if certain criteria are met. These criteria are usually listed in the fine print of the ticket contract. A ticket does equal a form of contract between the concertgoer and the seller of the ticket, so there may be legal recourse if the ticket is not refunded and the show is cancelled. The terms of this contract are often listed in the fine print on the ticket or on the paperwork that came with it.

3. Partial Cancellation of Tickets

At times, the Big Chill has had partial cancellations due to weather, a band having to change its schedule, or other unforeseen circumstances. The fine print on the ticket is extremely important in this case. Many companies do not refund at all due to a partial cancellation, and the consumer is left with a ticket to an event that they do not wish to attend.

4. Ticket Transfer

Along with a partial cancellation, it is also wise look at whether or not the ticket to the Big Chill can be transferred to a third party. Since tickets are often sold without a specific name attached, they should be easily transferrable. Unfortunately, with today's technology, a transfer of the ticket may not be possible because the ticket must be used by the person who purchased it or for the dates that it was purchased.

5. Homework on the Concert

It is a good idea to do some homework on the venue and the concert. Making sure that the concert is likely to be held or likely to be cancelled can be ascertained by speaking with the concert coordinator or manager. Since there have been issues in the past, it is always a good idea to make sure that the concert is to be held before taking time off of work or changing plans to attend it.

6. Check the Big Chill Calendar

The Big Chill keeps a calendar of events on their website, as well as at their physical location. It is always a good idea to check the calendar to stay up on the latest concerts, specials, and activities being held. Many times, this shows helpful information, such as dates, times, and performers. It also shows how much tickets cost and availability of specific shows.

The Big Chill Bar has been known to hold events, such as alternative concerts, mainstream concerts, open mic, comedy events, art shows, and a variety of themed parties. Some of these events have locations outside of the bar where tickets can be purchased, while others can only be purchased through the venue, itself. Most of the tickets are transferable if a person purchases them, and then cannot attend the event.

7. Miscellaneous Tips for Tickets to the Big Chill

Before purchasing tickets from a third party, make sure that there are no added fees. Some ticket outlets tack on a fee, while the bar itself does not. Beware of these fees because they can increase the ticket price significantly. Most of the tickets purchased at the Big Chill or from popular websites, like eBay, do not charge a handling fee.

Since the Big Chill is also a bar, it is possible to go on nights where there is not an event planned, so check out the venue and get answers to some questions about an event. Off nights can be used to scope out the type of venue it is, whether or not the band may sound good at the venue, and the size of the place. It is also a good time to purchase advanced tickets for a show or event.

Advanced tickets are usually less expensive than tickets purchased at the door. When tickets are purchased in advance, it is also less likely that an event may be cancelled. If there are a lot of tickets sold in advance, it is harder for the venue to justify cancelling an event completely. They may have to switch an event to a different day or time, but if people are showing interest in an event, then they have less reason to stop the event completely and more reason to entice bands into playing even if they were going to cancel.

Most of the ticket sales at the venue take place at the box office or at the bar, depending on the proximity of the event. Although some events do not need a ticket purchase, it is always wise to ask whether or not they are selling tickets for a specific show or if it is general admission. If the band is popular and it is general admission, then arriving early is a must. If tickets are sold, they only sell so many, so by purchasing one, a spot is all but guaranteed.

Buying Tickets for the Big Chill on eBay

One of the many outlets for tickets to the Big Chill Festival or venue is eBay. When searching eBay, all you have to do is input the search terms of the event that you desire into the search box, and click enter. This should populate a list of items matching the search criteria. If you browse through each one of these listings, then you should be able to find one that is suitable for you.

Once you find one, click on it to get a more detailed description of the item in question. In the case of Big Chill tickets, it should show the date, time, and band that is playing or if it is for the Big Chill festival, itself. There are also the seller's shipping and return policies. The return policy is particularly important in this case due to the possibility of cancellation or date changes. Also, it should list whether or not the tickets are refundable through the seller or through the Big Chill, itself.

This detailed description also shows you the seller's feedback. Most of the feedback should be positive. Each person who leaves feedback tells you about their experience with a specific seller.


The Big Chill is both a bar and a festival venue. When purchasing tickets, make sure that they are being purchased for the right event. Some quick tips can make the concert purchasing experience and attending much easier. Checking out the venue when it is not busy is great for both purchasing tickets for the festival and for individual concerts and events. Subscribing to, and checking out, their event calendar is also a great way to keep on top of which tickets to buy and which may be an issue.

As with any venue, the Big Chill makes no guarantees about their different performances, so it is extremely important to check the return or cancellation policies for the festival or event. Some have a money back return schedule, while others just allow credit towards another show or event. This advice works for purchasing tickets on eBay, as well as at the venue, itself.

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