7 Ways to improve you eBay Sales and Marketing

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7 Ways to improve you eBay Sales and Marketing
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How to boost your eBay sales

Marketing is expensive and therefore it is important to optimise your eBay business to build traffic and increase sales.  This paper lists some of the ways to create a more professional eBay presence and increase you eBay sales.

Build your eBay identity.  In the online world as in the offline world people are attracted to brands that they can trust.  If you can build a brand around your eBay business you increase the chance of return traffic, repeat business and referrals. 

Choose a sensible username.  Customers are more likely to remember Floorheatingltd than xxxtigger

Develop a brand and logo.  It is worth paying a professional designer to do this.

Implement your branding throughout the eBay platform.  The eBay interface is highly customisable.  Make sure you take every opportunity to stamp your mark.

The branding you use should be consistent across eBay including: end of auction email, checkout, eBay shop, listings and PayPal.

Listing template.  On eBay, buyers cannot see or touch the items which are for sale.  It is therefore vitally important to create a comprehensive listing showing all aspects of a product and providing the information, such as shipping, required to make a purchase.  The more reassured a browser is, the more likely they are to make a purchase.  We have all seen listings of product where the description is short and the picture out of focus.  The product could be great but there is no way of knowing it.

A good listing should include the following information

  • Multiple, high quality pictures of each item. 
  • Full description of the item including all features, dimensions and any damage
  • Postage costs
  • Return policy
  • Payments accepted

Presentation is everything in sales and so a well designed HTML template for your product will make you look like a professional, trustworthy seller.

About me page Every eBay user is entitled to an About Me page.  This is an opportunity to tell buyers a bit more about your company and reassure them that they are dealing with a reputable seller.  The About Me page is a free advert for your business on eBay.  Amazingly less than 6 percent of users make use of it and so it will make your business stand out.

Open an eBay Shop. An eBay shop is a seller’s footprint on eBay.  Each shop has its own URL and displays all the items which that user has for sale.  The shop can also be customised to your branding and used to increase sales in the following ways:

  • List your entire inventory.  Items can be listed for a fraction of the price of auction listings giving your business a way of vastly expanding the number of items available for sale for minimal costs.
  • Up selling to customers.  Place selected items in the auction listings and use these to drive traffic to your store where they can make additional purchases.

Typically eBay shop owners sell up to 25% more items.

Link to your eBay shop. Make use of all the opportunities available for driving traffic to your eBay shop.  All your listings, about me page, email and eBay shop custom pages should link back to your eBay shop and encourage buyers to take a look at your other listings.

Cross promote with other eBay Users. Within eBay there is the facility to make arrangement with other eBay sellers to cross promote each other’s products.  This is especially useful if you have more than one eBay ID.

Auctiva Shopping Window Auctiva produce a free eBay scrolling product bar.  This goes at the bottom of each listing and displays scrolling pictures of the other products which the user has for sale.  Use this to promote your other products to browsers.

Optimise your eBay Shop for Search Engines Within the eBay shop set up it is possible to input keywords for which you would like your shop optimized, and also to make a feed file available for shopping comparison sites.  This is free promotion for your products and so make sure that these options are selected.

Froogle Froogle is Google’s shopping comparison site.  It accepts fixed price products and unlike all the other comparison sites is free to use and so there is no excuse for not using it.  Create a feed file (basically a spreadsheet with product descriptions, product URLS and image URLs) of your eBay shop items and submit this is Froogle. 

Sell internationally Selling internationally can be a bit of a headache but items listed internationally, on average, sell for 16% more.

Use Enhanced listing features If you believe eBay the listing enhancement options have a noticeable effect on selling price

  • First photo.  increases chances of selling by 15 percent and it is free
  • Gallery. Typically sell for 12 percent more
  • Subtitle. Typically sell for 10 percent more

Accept multiple Payment Methods Offering a number of payment options reassures buyers.  It is also becoming increasingly important to offer PayPal as a payment option.  Although expensive it is extremely convenient and over 90 percent of eBay listings offer it as a method of payment.

Online Shop Malls There are several eBay shop listing sites which can be used to list you shop, the most popular being listmystore 

Use the right category When selling items make an effort to use the most appropriate category and fill in item specifics.  Buyers will use these features to browser items.

Choose your Keywords carefully To find items, buyers search on the keywords in the title.  Avoid using words like 'WOW' or 'fantastic' as these are rarely searched upon.

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