7 gang power saving extension lead for computer

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On the face of it this should be a perfect item as the theory is  great.
When you power down the PC (or whatever you chose to control the other appliances) which is plugged into the master socket that controls the other six sockets it shuts off the sockets when it is itself shut off.
However it is not that simple.
First, the master socket never gets shut off from the power so your PC is never switched completely off as it would be if you unplugged it from your wall socket or flicked the switch at the wall.  If you have LED lights etc. on the PC then you will be still consuming some power.  This isn't so bad but I  prefer the whole lot to be 'off power' when not in use.
The main problem for me though is that the control of the master socket over the other six is governed by an adjustable sensor which it seems generally has to be set and in my case it had to be.  This causes a problem because it drifts - it says it will in the instructions - so that you are never sure it is all off until it is visibly all off.  You couldn't, or wouldn't,  for example start to shut down the PC and go out expecting it all to switch right off.  The system worked about two maybe three times if I was lucky before it all needed resetting.  That defeated the object of the exercise for me because on those occasions I would have to switch off at the wall.
It has a selector switch so as to be able to turn the plugboard on and override the six (yes six) sockets making it about the same as a switchable socket board but one of those is a fraction of the price.
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