7 inch Chinese CE Netbooks

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These are now available on Ebay at around £53 and upwards. In fact they are broadly copies of the Asus 700 Netbook at least in general specification apart from the operating system and processor. They use mainly a ARM processor of 300 Mhz and Windows CE 6.0 (some are CE 5.0). In fact they work quite well, and would suit a child or an undemanding general user. They do seem reliable and build is good for the price. There is limited software for CE available, but what is there already is quite useful - a type of Office including a slimmed down Word program, Internet Explorer, MSN Messenger, Skype, Media Player, Core Player, You Tube Player, and quite a lot more. Use is as one would expect very similar to an Asus 700. There is no webcam as on the Asus 700, but which is present on the Asus 701, but there is a larger Chinese 10 inch model, still Win CE 6.0, with a webcam at about £82, which is a little similar to the far faster Asus 901.

From the use point of view well they are not really that slow. They do not like multi tasking, but its OK to use say IE and Skype together. Browsing is fairly fast, the wifi works well. They will not play the "Catchup TV" type of streamed Internet TV (700/701 will), do work on the YouTube type of video, low res TV, and naturally MPEG movies,  etc. Screens are good, touchpads sometimes have a little transient delay but work well, keyboard is good. Sound is acceptable. Providing you know the limitations they are a good buy.  But be aware second hand Asus 701s will not be a great deal more (£75 or more) and do far more. I have one of these 7 inch chinese laptops, a Asus 701 and Asus 901 and was pleasantly surprised at the first one given the low price. 
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