70's BBC Comedy Porridge

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Porridge is regarded by many as the Best British Sitcom of all time

Porridge first came to our screens in 1973 and was written by two writers Dick Clement & Ian La Frenais. It was chosen from a series of six programmes made for Ronnie Barker to find a new series/project for him. It ran for 21 Episodes. The Poilet, 3 Series & a TV Sitom Film.

All the action takes place in Slade prison (Well mostly) which Fletch had been sent after being Convicted again and this time for a 5 Year stretch.

    Fletcher:- "You can't do that Mr Mckay" Mr MacKay:- " Oh Yes I Can You forgett, I am the prison Officer & you are the prisoner".

Main Cast

 Fletcher (Ronnie Barker):- A hiabitual Criminal Commited to the maximun term " You will go to Prison for 5 Years". He is always trying to get one over on the system and his prison mates. Godber (Richard Beckinsale):- Fletchers Cell Mate. Mr Mackay (Faulton McKay):- Scottish Prison Office, not liked buy the prisoners or his fellow officers. Mr Barrowclough (Brian Wild):- A Prison Officer whick is to friendly with the prisoners. They knew what they can get away with most things when he was around. Others:-Warren (Sam Kelly), Mc Laren (Tony Osoba),  Blanco (David Jason), The Govenor (Michael Barrington), Harris (Ronald Lacey), Grouty (PeterVaughan), Lukewarm (Christopher Biggins)                                                                                                   

        Fletcher:- "What is the Matter Mr Barrowclough"? Mr Barrowclough:- "I Sometimes wish I was in here with you lot"                                                              

Prisoners Jobs :- Knitting fishing Nets:- "60p a week net profit" Grouty Runners:- "Grouty want's to see you Fletch". " Tell him I'll be there in a minute" Libary:- " It's not having the first peack, I just like to check if there is nothing unsuitable for the men" Farm:- "Pigs need there swill this time of day" Cleaning:"Mr Wainwright, Look what you'th done. Well have to do it all again now" Kitchen:- "It's very risky there's only one tin left                               (Pinapple!)"                  

                           Grouty:- " When I was in Maidstone I had a pigeon" Fletcher:- " What did you do with it when you moved like" Grouty:-  " I eat it"             

     Recreation Hour Events:-   Whatching Tv, Playing Games (Drafs,Monopoly Ect), Sitting on your bunk reading (Fletcher) Writting letters pend by Fletcher in your own hand writting to your loved ones. knitting (lukwarm)

Fletcher:- " Was is it now then " Godber:- "Pottery do you like my pot" Fletcher:- "You'th been though every naffing course in this knick and have never completed one"

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