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There is none worthy of worship except Allah, Prophet Muhammad (saw) is Allah's messenger
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There is none worthy of worship except Allah, Prophet Muhammad (saw) is Allah's messenger

About Me

Bismillah hir Rahman nir raheem - In the Name of Allah, the Most Gracious, the Most Merciful

My name is Adnan Muhammad Bhatti, I am 26 years of age. I am born and bred here in the uk while my parents originate from Pakistan. I am restarting this shop/business with a clean intension to spread the deen as much as I possibly can with hundreds and thousands range of Islamic products in my shop. I will be uploading daily so feel free to add me to your favourite seller, or even keep checking my shop now and then as more and more products will be available. For those of you that remember, about 6-7 years ago I already had a business here on ebay called Islamic_Impressions786, I was running for a couple of years and through the barakat and blessing of Allah the almighty it was a success. I just happen to unfortunatly put this on hold as I got married and now Allah has blessed me with 2 beautiful daughters alhumdulilah. I am continuing where I left off and together we can spread the deen as much as we possibly can. Remember united we stand divided we fall. I have a whole range of products for muslims as well as non-muslims so don't be shy to explore my catalogue or ask any questions. I have products such as the Holy Quran basically in every language mp3, a range of audio books, pdf official books of islam literally in every topic, lectures/bayaans, nasheeds, Islamic software and lots lots more... Please feel free to spread the word and tell all your friends and family about me and my shop as I can guarantee this will not only benefit me and you but all your loved ones as well and possibly even everyone you know, lets make this live and it all begins from today. May Allah guide me you and everyone reading this, make us successful, and grant us Jannat firdous easily, May Allah make it easy for us to say the kalima La ilaha illallah Muhammadur Rasulullah before we pass away, save us from sin/haram, and grant us the taufiq to pray our 5 times daily prayers in the local masjid or at least at home/work, May allah keep us happy, fulfil our needs, save us from the shaytan, jinn, black magic, jado, nazar, evil eye and protect me you our families and everyone reading this. May Allah answer our prayers and keep us happy. Please don't forget me my wifey and kids in your prayers as this is essential and we are all in need. 
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