8 Accessories for the Inside of Your Toyota

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8 Accessories for the Inside of Your Toyota

If you love your Toyota but the inside is looking a bit drab, dress it up with some new accessories. There are plenty of ways to accessorise your Toyota and you can buy many items for your Toyota on eBay. A few new items can make the inside of your Toyota look like a completely different vehicle. If you are driving a used Toyota and you need to refresh the inside, or your car is new but you want to put a personalised stamp on it, accessories for the interior of your car are a must.

You can change the look of your car, add updated features, or simply clean and organise it with a variety of car accessories. Whether you are driving a Toyota Corolla or a RAV4, there are a number of accessories available from seat covers to air fresheners, so decorate and revitalise the inside of your car and give it a makeover for an affordable price on eBay.

Accessory 1: Organiser/Console

Sometimes the best thing you can do for your car is clean it up and get organised. There are a number of organising accessories available for your Toyota, including centre consoles with spots to put small items. Larger boot organisers keep items from rolling around inside your boot while you are driving, and wallet organisers can attach to your visor to hold things like CDs, sunglasses, and maps.

Back seat organisers typically hang over the back of the driver or passenger seat and can hold items such as kids' toys, umbrellas, or other items that you want to keep off the floor while you are travelling. Some boot organisers are collapsible so you can store them easily if you do not have any items in them. Cup holders prevent drinks from spilling, and consoles keep everything neat.

Accessory 2: Air Freshener

There is nothing worse than a car that smells bad, and air fresheners are dual purpose because they often look cute and smell great too. There are many types of air fresheners for your car, and switching them out often keeps your car smelling fresh.

Some air fresheners clip to the air vents to blow the scent throughout your car, and some hang from the rearview mirror. Some popular air fresheners include Jelly Belly scented air fresheners, the Magic Tree brand, and Yankee Candle, all for your car. These come in scents like vanilla and cinnamon, and smell just like candles.

Accessory 3: Car Decoration

You can accessorise your Toyota with some decorations. Some of these include things you can hang from the rearview mirror, such as furry dice or miniature Manchester United boots. Include a bobble head to perch on the dash or add a gearshift knob that is decorative. Some people enjoy clipping a cute car vase to the vents and slipping a colourful artificial flower inside.

There are other fun items you can buy to decorate your Toyota, such as seat belt pads that are brightly coloured and have cartoon characters on them or decorative gas and brake pedals, and of course, the traditional shimmying hula dancer that can sit atop the dash. Other items that can hang from the mirror and add decoration include beads, sun catchers, and wreaths of flowers.

Accessory 4: Floor Mats

There is no faster way to update your car and brighten it up than to switch out your existing floor mats for brand new ones. Floor mats for a Toyota range from solid colours like grey, blue, and black, to brighter, more colourful mats such as pink and red. More decorative floor mats add a bit of personality to your car, such as mats with dragon prints, cartoon characters, or stripes and other patterns.

Switching out floor mats is simple, and they generally come in sets for either the front seats or the back. You can also purchase floor mats that match seat covers or your steering wheel cover for a completed set of decorative accessories to spruce up your car's interior.

Accessory 5: Steering Wheel Cover

A steering wheel cover slips over your steering wheel and comes in many styles and materials. Some steering wheel covers are made of leather, while some are made of everything from faux fur to padded, soft cloth. These are easy to install and can give the inside of your Toyota a whole new look. A steering wheel cover not only looks stylish, but it also protects your steering wheel from damage caused by the heat or dirty hands.

Accessory 6: Phone Mount/Mats

If you have to root around in your bag for your mobile phone while you are driving, you are likely to love this accessory. A phone dashboard mat actually adheres to your car's dashboard and holds your phone conveniently on your dash. These are generally made of silicone, and are either clear or come in colours.

A phone mat comes in small sizes just for phones, but they also come in larger sizes and can keep a grip on coins, your wallet, or sunglasses while you are driving. This prevents you from losing small items and keeps them neatly on the dash when you need them. These are inexpensive and great accessories to have.

Accessory 7: GPS/Sat Nav

For drivers who are in the car frequently, a GPS,, or satellite navigation (Sat Nav) is a perfect accessory for your Toyota. Some of the most popular brands for your Toyota include Garmin and TomTom. These generally come with a small screen and can easily be installed in your car. Some newer models are wireless. You can purchase a GPS that has voice direction so that you do not have to keep glancing at the map on the screen to pursue the destination.

These are simple to use and can be very helpful if you are in a new place and want to find the quickest route to where you want to go. Some systems offer various features such as Bluetooth capability, an MP3 player, a speakerphone, and multiple route options so you can select the best way to get somewhere.

Accessory 8: Seat Covers

Seat covers are the fastest way to accessorise and change the look of your Toyota. You can replace old seat covers or update your seats by adding covers that fit your car perfectly. Car seat covers come in multiple fabrics, such as cloth or leather, and though some of them are plain or solid coloured, many offer more fun options such as designs or patterns, fun colours, or even faux fur animal print. Other features that seat covers may offer include waterproof covers, or covers designed for travelling with animals.

How to Buy Interior Car Accessories for a Toyota on eBay

You can liven up your Toyota interior with some car accessories to add style, colour, or technology along with a bit of organisation. Find everything you need to accessorise your car on eBay.. Navigate to car accessories and select " interior accessories&" to see the items available for your car. Another option is to key in a specific accessory you are looking for, such as " fur steering wheel cover ", "car vase", or "Hello Kitty floor mats".

Compare products to see what items are a better deal, and how many floor mats or seat covers come in one order. If you have questions about whether the items will fit your particular car, contact the seller by clicking "Ask a Question&" to communicate with the seller about the items before your purchase.

Buying from Top-Rated Sellers

Compare by brand, colour, and price of accessories, and if you are buying a GPS or Sat Nav, make sure it is in great condition, comes with instructions, and has all the accessories you need. Only purchase accessories for your Toyota from Top-rated sellers who have excellent feedback and have completed many transactions, then post your own feedback once you have completed your purchase.


Sometimes your car just needs a bit of a facelift. If you cannot afford to purchase a new Toyota, simply liven up the one you have. Update it with a new GPS system, clean it up and organise it to make it easier to find your items when you need them, and jazz up the colour scheme of your Toyota with new seat covers and a steering wheel cover. Cute and funky air fresheners and decorations make your car a little more fun to ride in. All of these accessories are easy to install or place around your car, and removable so you can trade them out when you get bored again.

If you want your Toyota to represent your personality a bit more, select your favourite colours and buy accessories to match your mood. For people who travel frequently and are in their car for hours on end, a padded pink seat cover or a fluffy faux fur steering wheel cover may elicit a smile on a long drive. Some features and accessories can simply make life easier, such as a CD visor organiser or a dashboard mat to make it simple to grab your mobile phone when it rings. Accessories for the inside of your Toyota are affordable, and can make life colourful, easier, and more interesting.

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