8 Accessories to Vamp Up Your BMW Vehicle

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8 Accessories to Vamp Up Your BMW Vehicle

Whether bored of the standard look or just looking for a more unique vehicle, anyone can choose to purchase accessories to vamp up the look of their BMW. There are many popular and easy-to-install options such as seat covers, cup holders, and stickers. Still others require installation or modification of the vehicle. In such cases, it is important to be either skilled at installation or to hire someone to install it or you, to avoid damage to the BMW.

Accessories can be purchased in a range of styles, and can suit almost any personality. Some of the classic looks from BMW include black, gold, or silver wheel covers, and chrome trim. Another classic look is to change out the license plate rim to a more stylish one, or to upgrade the interior with new electronics or custom interior accessories. The following eight accessories should get most people started with ideas.

Accessory 1: Car Mats

Car mats are always popular for BMWs because they add a custom, stylish look that can be installed and removed at will. Car mats are also very easy to clean, and can be simply taken out of the car for cleaning. Mats are most usually used to protect the floor under the feet of passengers and drivers, but can also be purchased for the boot or storage area, as well as the dashboard. Buyers should check the model of BMW that they have, including the make, model, and year of the vehicle and then look for the mats at BMW dealers, auto parts stores, or at online marketplaces like eBay.


It is very important to measure the exact length and width of any area for which a mat is being purchased. This requires 1) a measuring tape or ribbon, and 2) a place to write down the measurements. Most people should measure twice to ensure correct measurements, and then ensure that they have measured any crevices or area changes as well. For example, most cars feature inlets on the floor that mats should conform to.

Accessory 2: New Stereo

A stereo is a great way to upgrade a BMW because the ones that come standard with most cars are very basic. Many people do not need a new stereo, but those who want a specific sound quality or tone should definitely consider it. Typically a brand of car stereo is chosen purely by personal preference but it is important to check to ensure that the model can be installed in the BMW. It is also important to take the new stereo or radio to a professional to have it installed.


Many people also choose to upgrade their BMW by adding new speakers. Surround sound is very popular in vehicles, especially with back speakers and bass speakers to replace the basic door speakers. Once again, the purchase of a specific brand is usually a personal preference although buyers should check to ensure that their speakers are better quality than the ones being replaced. Professional installation is, once again, a must. Most mechanics and car audio retailers can perform this type of work, and some body shops might also be able to perform the installation.

Accessory 3: Stickers and Decals

Stickers and decals have always been popular for vehicles although not extremely popular for BMWs. Most people who do choose stickers and decals tend to get either something edgy and alternative such as a flame decal or to go with something easy to remove such as stick figure families on the windows. Both options are very easy to purchase and quite popular. Buyers can also consider BMW logos and stickers, racing stripes and stickers, and almost anything else they would like to decal their car with. Decals come in vinyl as well as metal or chrome so there are a lot of different quality decals out there for buyers with different budgets.

Accessory 4: Seat Covers

Seat covers are a great way to temporarily change up the look of the interior of the car and are great for multiple reasons. The first reason is that seat covers protect the upholstery, and keep the original seats looking like new. This is important in case the owner ever decides to sell the vehicle. Seat covers can also be easily cleaned easily in a washing machine, while car seats must be scrubbed and shampooed by hand. Finally, seat covers are actually very affordable, which leaves buyers money to spend on additional accessories to vamp up the look of their car.

Accessory 5: Wheel Covers

Wheel covers are always popular, especially with BMW automobiles. The classic look is a spoked wheel cover with the BMW logo in the centre. However, it is possible to get nearly any type of wheel cover, including solid, logoed, and non-logoed so long as the wheel cover fits on the vehicle. To purchase a wheel cover, simply measure the rim from edge to edge and then purchase accordingly. Most covers are sold for the car they are manufactured for, but some may be sold for a specific wheel size as well.

Accessory 6: Minor Accessories

There are literally hundreds of minor accessories that can be purchased for the interior of a BMW. Among those are cup holders, sun visors and covers, MP3 Player docks, and a full range of other ideas. Usually minor accessories are very affordable and can be replaced very easily so most buyers can buy these accessories to install on their own whenever they like.

Accessory 7: New Mirrors

New mirrors are a great way to change the look of a BMW because the mirrors are a small but subtle change to the vehicle. Buyers can look into chrome mirrors, extended mirrors, or a range of different colours, shapes, or sizes to enhance the look of their BMW. However, it is important to make sure the mirrors do not exceed the maximum width allowable on the BMW model.

Another consideration is that unless the wing mirror specifically states that it is for the exact same model of BMW it is intended for then it might require new holes to be drilled on the door. Because most people would prefer not to drill additional holes in their BMW, it is usually a good idea to look on eBay or other store for a wing mirror that fits the make, model, and year of the BMW in question.

Accessory 8: Chrome Trim

Chrome trim has always been one of the most popular accessories for any type of vehicle and it is relatively easy to find and purchase for BMWs. Buyers should check their vehicle make and model and then consider measuring each spot where they would like to purchase trim before looking to buy it. Trim can sometimes be purchased pre-made for a specific vehicle but can also be purchased uncut and taken to a professional to have it installed. Chrome comes in plastic, steel, and sometimes aluminium with the process of plating chromium onto another type of metal. This is because while attractive, chrome is very fragile and heavy on its own and plating is the most durable way to go.


Plastic Trim

Metal Trim


Should not be stored in direct sunlight

Very durable, some options might rust


Usually affordable

Can be priced very high



Requires a metal blade or cutting tool


Usually easy

Requires special glues if glue is used


Very Light

Light to Medium Weight

Most BMW owners actually choose to go with metal because it is more valuable and raises the value of the vehicle. Metal chrome trim is also more appealing to most because the plastic version is usually considered to be an imitation rather than the "real thing". Buyers can decide which they want on their own, or ask the person installing the trim which they would prefer to install. Usually trim can be purchased in both plastic and metal on sites like eBay and usually for a reasonable price for either material.

Buying BMW Accessories on eBay

eBay is a great place to purchase any sort of BMW accessories because the site includes almost every option available, including original equipment manufacturer (OEM) and unbranded accessories, which are more affordable. Buyers can search eBay to find anything from chrome trim to a full stereo for their BMW. This means they can easily find and purchase any or all of the accessories they want, right from the comfort of home.

Important things to consider when buying on eBay include the cost of shipping, since this varies from item to item. Check the type of installation and installation costs, especially for technical items such as speakers or car stereos. Finally, checking with the seller, reading the full description, and making sure that the seller has good feedback are also good things to do before making a purchase. After purchase, you can sit back and wait for your BMW accessories to be delivered to your door.


There are plenty of BMW accessories car enthusiasts should consider when vamping up their vehicle. Some of the most popular include both interior accessories and those intended for the exterior. For example, seat covers, stereos, speakers, car mats, cup holders, sun visor covers, and more are all great ideas for the interior of the car. Wheel covers, chrome trim, new wing mirrors, new lugnuts, stickers, decals, and even protective covers for the vehicle are great exterior BMW accessories.

Choosing an accessory depends on personal taste, installation method, budget, and the vehicle itself. Every accessory is not made for every BMW, although for the most part buyers can something that meets their needs and their vehicle. Buyers should remember to check the make, model, and measurements of their BMW before going shopping. Finally, it is possible to purchase accessories from some car and garage shops, as well as online marketplaces like eBay.

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