8 Basic T-Shirt Styles Every Girl Should Own

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8 Basic T-Shirt Styles Every Girl Should Own

Every girl should have an extensive collection of T-shirts, incorporating numerous styles. Nobody wants to wear the same colours and styles every day. Instead, having a collection of T-shirt styles allows the wearer to express her taste, personality, and attitude. T-shirts are so versatile they can be worn as outer or under garments. Long sleeve versions can be worn with gilets or tank tops, to provide an extra layer of warmth, and to create an individual look. Girls can buy loose or tight fitting T-shirts, low cut or high necked, depending on their personal preferences.

Girls can also transform a tired, boring T-shirt into something new and funky, or bold and powerful. When considering the basic T-shirt styles, it helps to know the pros and cons, and uses of each type. T-shirts can be bought at fashion shops and department stores. They can also be found on eBay, which offers a straightforward buying process, and exceptionally good prices.

What is a T-Shirt?

First popular with the US armed forces in the 1950s, a T-shirt is a soft, buttonless and zipless shirt. T-shirts are usually made of cotton, or a cotton and synthetic blend. The fibres are knitted with a jersey stitch to produce a flowing material. T-shirts are popular with girls of all ages. Printed T-shirts are among the most popular, because they allow the wearer to express her personality freely for all to see.

Types of T-Shirt Every Girl Should Own

Every girl, however fashion conscious, has an array of T-shirts in her wardrobe: from fun, themed baggy shirts that are comfortable old faithfuls, to a selection of figure hugging T-shirts that can be worn for casual and semi-formal events. There may also be a couple to use for sport or fitness classes. During the spring and summer, many girls wear T-shirts as casual day wear, and so having a range of styles is useful, as this allows wearers to keep their look fresh, interesting, and eye catching.

T-Shirt Style 1: Polo Shirt

A polo shirt is also known as a tennis shirt. Originally designed for men as tennis attire in the late 1800s, these T-shirts were eventually adopted by many other sports, including polo and golf. A polo shirt is made of a loosely woven cotton. This makes the fabric breathable, which helps to keep the wearer cool. The back of the T-shirt is longer than the front, which is known as the tennis tail. Polo shirts have a soft, unstarched collar, and buttons at the front of the neck. Today, polo shirts are no longer worn solely for sport: they are worn by girls for casual everyday wear. Men's polo shirts tend to be fairly baggy, with no definition, whereas the women's version are usually fitted, providing definition at the bust and waist.

T-Shirt Style 2: Long Sleeve T-Shirt

Long sleeve T-shirts are a lightweight, less insulating alternative to jumpers, especially popular in the spring and autumn. Some girls wear a long sleeve T-shirt beneath a short sleeve shirt, a gilet, or a tank top. The gilet is normally zipped up, but the short sleeve shirt can be left undone. 

T-Shirt Style 3: Ringer T-Shirt

A ringer T-shirt is a plain T-shirt. The banding around the cuffs and neck is a contrasting colour to the body. Once very popular during the 1960s and 1970s, they fell out of favour during the 1980s and 1990s. With the new millenium, the ringer T-shirt came back into fashion. Girls’ ringer T-shirts are often fitted at the bust and waist, for a more defined, figure-hugging look.

T-Shirt Style 4: Scoop Neck T-Shirt

A scoop neck T-shirt has a low, round neckline. Scoop neck T-shirts are feminine, and are often tight fitting over the chest, with most also being fitted across the stomach. Fitted scoop neck T-shirts suit girls with a medium to large chest, and a flat stomach. Looser, less clinging scoop necks are available for larger women, or for those with smaller chests. Push up bras can be worn with scoop neck T-shirts to emphasise the cleavage.

T-Shirt Style 5: V-Neck T-Shirt

V-neck T-shirts have a triangular neckline. V-neck T-shirts suit girls who want to elongate their necks, as the downward V-shape creates the illusion of length.

T-Shirt Style 6: Round Neck T-Shirt

Round neck T-shirts are the traditional form of T-shirt, with fairly high, rounded necklines. Girls with shorter necks should avoid T-shirts with the most rounded necklines, but can still look fabulous in the more oval, low cut models. Fitted and loose versions are available, and girls frequently wear men’s round neck T-shirts. Often, an over-sized round neck T-shirt is paired with leggings instead of a traditional ladies tunic. Oversized round neck shirts are commonly used as night dresses, or for lounging around at home.

T-Shirt Style 7: Sleeveless T-Shirt

Sleeveless T-shirts are often referred to as vests, and are very popular with women as outer garments during the summer, and as an under layer during the winter. Sleeveless T-shirts are available with vertical ribbing, which helps to subtly slim the appearance of the body, which makes it look longer. Sleeveless T-shirts are usually inexpensive, and girl’s models can be either short and close fitting, or long and loose. Some have a shaped lower hem, with a downward curve. These sleeveless T-shirts are particularly useful for people with a large bottom and hips, or those who like longer clothes, but still want a trendy, summer look.

T-Shirt Style 8: Printed T-Shirts

Printed T-shirts have a plain background with any conceivable design printed on them, front or back, or both. Printed T-shirts are a way to express personality, make a statement, or just to have a little bit of fun. Printed T-shirts for girls include themed characters, such as super heroes, film slogans, or cartoon characters from childhood, such as the Mr Men and Little Misses. Printed T-shirts can be used as casual day wear, but some can be used as part of an evening ensemble. Designs can include favourite quotes, a picture of a musician, or a film logo, or they can be festive in nature. Anything can be printed on a T-shirt, as long as it is not offensive.

Printed T-shirts can be used as a form of peaceful protest, declaring for anyone to see that the wearer disagrees with a particular issue. Advertising is another popular use for printed T-shirts, as they are inexpensive to produce, and provided the design or colour is eye catching, lots of people see it and take note.

Printing a T-shirt at Home

The introduction of affordable heat transfer paper, allows buyers who cannot find the exact T-shirt they are looking for to create a unique printed T-shirt at home. It is incredibly simple. An image can be scanned into a computer, or downloaded from the Internet, provided proper permission has been gained. It can then be printed onto heat transfer paper. Once dry, the image can be simply ironed onto a plain T-shirt. This is a fantastic way of rejuvenating tired old T-shirts at very little cost.

Buying T-Shirts on eBay

eBay is a user-friendly website, enabling buyers to find their perfect T-shirt with no fuss. Shoppers can enter information into the search bar of the eBay home page.. They are then provided with the most relevant results according to the search term entered. Buyers can browse through an extensive range of T-shirts,, or can reduce the number of results by setting defined parameters, such as only viewing new or used items, or a minimum and maximum price.

If buying a used T-shirt, look carefully at the images provided by the seller, and thoroughly read the item listing to make sure that there are no signs of wear and tear. If this is not abundantly clear in the description, consumers are able to contact the seller and ask for more details. Before confirming a purchase, buyers should always check the feedback score of the seller. To be certain that the seller is reliable, provides quality products in a timely manner, and has good overall customer service, shoppers should buy from sellers who have a high percentage of positive feedback,, or those who have a Top-rated Seller seal.


T-shirts are very versatile garments, worn by girls of all ages. There are 8 basic styles that each girl should have in her wardrobe. While some, such as the polo shirt, were originally designed for male sports, the styles have been adapted and are suitable for girls as sportswear or casual day wear. There are different styles, cuts, and designs available, to suit every taste, from, plain, round neck T-shirts suitable for a day at the office under a cardigan or light jacket, to bright, flamboyant printed T-shirts with bold designs that instantly tell any observer the kind of person the wearer is, or what mood they are in.

If a girl cannot find a T-shirt with her desired slogan she can print her own at home. eBay offers every kind of T-shirt from a highly decorative ringer T-shirt to colourful V-necks, so once armed with all of the information about the types of T-shirts that every girl should own, shopping is easy.

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