8 Caravan Holiday Ideas in the Peak District

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8 Caravan Holiday Ideas in the Peak District

The more relaxed work hour requirements in the United Kingdom as compared to America allow British workers to schedule a few short breaks, and at least one extended holiday every year. Great Britain offers tourists countless ways to spend their leisure time. However, the Peak District, which geographically divides the north and south of Great Britain has become one of the more attractive tourist destinations. Besides the convenient central location, the Peak District offers tourists a diverse selection of attractions that fulfill the wonderment of most families.

Buying a caravan holiday package for the Peak District requires some extensive research. Travel agents typically provide the best resource for organising a caravan holiday to the Peak District. Another option is to utilise a used caravan purchased on eBay and go with the holiday flow. The Peak District does not want for a lack of places to visit. Before heading to the Peak District, travellers should receive an overview of the area that includes accommodation and places to make a temporary caravan home, as well as consider eight popular destinations that range from educational venues to sightseeing extravaganzas.

 Peak District Overview

As one of the most visited holiday destinations, the Peak District straddles the border that divides the northern highlands and the southern lowlands. Travellers can literally see both disparate landscapes from certain vantage points within the district. Visitors who travel from the south pass through rolling farmland and a national forest, before meeting the limestone plateau. After passing the plateau, travellers eventually reach the Dark Peak, a wild and barren landscape that experiences dramatic weather and light condition changes. The transcendent beauty of the landscape lies directly above the Peak District National Park, Great Britain's first government recognised national park. The Peak District covers nearly 11,000 km located primarily in northern Derbyshire, but also covers sections of Cheshire, Greater Manchester, Staffordshire, and West Yorkshire.

 Ideas for a Caravan Holiday in the Peak District

Holiday caravan travellers have so many options to choose from that many travellers squeeze as many activities as possible into an already tight schedule. The Peak District needs to be seen during several trips, so do not try to rush from one attraction to the next. Take time and enjoy the following caravan holiday tourist ideas in the Peak District.

 1. Visit the National Park

The national park represents the heart of the Peak District. Travellers can spend an entire seven-day holiday just visiting attractions within the park. Millions of visitors from all over the world flock to the Peak District National Park, with summer and early autumn being the busiest time of year. The caravan-friendly park includes protected landscapes and wildlife that travellers cannot see in any other region of Great Britain. Sports enthusiast have plenty of options, including short and day hikes, cycling, yachting, windsurfing, and rock climbing. Restaurants offer fare created with produce, game, and fowl that are endemic to the area. Visit the historic 16th century abode of the Duke and Duchess of Devonshire, which sits in the heart of the Peak District. Curators always organise a steady array of house, garden, and farmyard events to stimulate both adults and children. Chatsworth's award winning farm shop lies within the stunningly beautiful 1,000-acre national park.

 2. Hike the Trans Pennine Trail

The 200 km Trans Pennine trail runs roughly 140 km through the Peak District. Hikers can walk the entire trail or link to other trails, such as the Pennine Way and Pennine Bridleway. Hikers and cyclists have access to the entire trail, while equestrians gain access to about 70 per cent of the trail. The trail has received high praise for the clear markings and well-maintained walking surface. Families can access the trail by a short walk from most caravan parks.

 3. Buxton Cultural Events

Buxton represents the cultural hub of the Peak District and the town is certainly worth spending a day or two visiting. In February, Buxton stages a live music festival that includes jazz medleys, blues, folk, and world arts music. The Four-Four Time Festival takes place in Buxton's renovated opera house. The opera house presents an array of dance, drama, comedy, and live concerts. Visitors can tour the opera house at 11:00 a.m. on most Saturday mornings. The renowned Buxton Festival takes place every July, drawing tourists from across England and many European countries. Considered one of the largest festivals of its kind in Great Britain, the Buxton Festival draws noted authors, playwrights, composers, and artists.

 4. The National Brewery Centre

Driving a caravan across the Peak District can wear down the stoutest souls. Fortunately, The National Brewery Centre offers weary travellers refuge from the grind of moving from one temporary home to the next. Great Britain has been historically praised for its finely crafted beers produced by numerous breweries. The National Brewery Centre incorporates the original Bass Museum into its motif, which provides visitors with information about the legendary Bass family and how the family influenced the development of British brewing. Check online for daily guided tour schedules. Museum tickets are available for adults, children, and a group discounted ticket for families.

 5. Treak Cliff Cavern

The Peak District is home to numerous caverns, but no cavern offers a more dazzling array of rock formations and stalactite configurations as Treak Cliff Cavern. The hill that envelopes the cavern represents the only location in the world where visitors can find the rare Blue John Stone. Historians believe the French named the mineral and the English translated the name into "blue and yellow" stone. Blue John Stone derives from a unique banded form of fluorspar, and the cavern that holds many of the stones was heavily mined during the 1800s. Treak Cliff Cavern continues to produce the ornamental items that comprise Blue John Stone jewellery. Caravan travellers can park their rig in the spacious parking lot and partake in selecting, preparing, and polishing a piece of Blue John Stone as a replica of their visits. One of the more popular events at the cavern occurs around Christmas, when visitors congregate for "Carols by Candlelight".

 6. Heights of Abraham

The return cable ride that takes visitors to two caverns, picnics, play areas, and places to eat and imbibe first became an attraction during the 1780s. As one of the Peak District's most popular attractions, the Heights of Abraham is the perfect antidote for caravan travellers who need a day away from the road. Originally, the Heights of Abraham required tourists to travel by foot, but Britain's first alpine cable car system changed all of that. The cable cars rise from the valley floor to provide riders with spectacular views of the surrounding peaks and the stunning Derwent Valley. Both the Masson and Rutland Caverns offer the adventurous myriad passageways that lead to historical mining areas. The Fossil Factory is a hit with kids who enjoy learning about the formation of the district. The Height of Abraham is a perfect idea for a family to bond for an entire day.

 7. Ecclesbourne Valley Railway

Nestled in the heart of Ecclesbourne Valley, this railway offers caravan travellers a chance to let someone else do the driving. The railway operates along a 6 km route that extends from Wirksworth to Duffield. Using Diesel Multiple Units, the railway runs the Midland Main Line at Duffield that connects with Britain's national rail network. Travellers can purchase Heritage train tickets every Saturday throughout the year, as well as on Sundays and weekdays during the summer months. Hungry holiday caravan travellers can enjoy a fully stocked buffet. The Ecclesbourne Valley Railway operates between Easter and October, although daily times vary by season.

 8. Trentham Monkey Forest

A 0.5 km path through the inside of Staffordshire Woodland concludes at one of the most fascinating places inside of the Peak District. Monkeys roam free in a forest that encompasses 60 acres of natural habitat. Travellers get to see up close the chattering of strange languages and monkeys crashing through thick tree branches. Information boards, video documentaries and personal observation all combine to provide an extraordinary learning experience for both adults and children.

 Buying a Caravan Holiday in the Peak District on eBay

eBay can be a tricky venue for securing a caravan holiday, since few sellers rent caravans. Moreover, virtually every package holiday sold on eBay does not include caravans. Package holidays can involve flight tickets, train tickets, or accommodations at a hotel or apartment. You can try typing "Peak District holiday packages" into eBay's search engine, but you may save more money in the long run by searching for a used caravan to take on multiple holidays. Some eBay sellers may offer nightly stays in caravan parks within the Peak District. However, the district is not known for having many caravan parks.

Vetting eBay sellers requires you to examine all of the information posted on a seller's product page. If you want to buy a new caravan, analyse the enlarged product photograph to discern imperfections or indications of extensive wear and tear. Check to see if the seller is from the U.K. or European Union. eBay sellers from Britain typically expedite the delivery of products. Review the accepted payment methods, especially if you plan to use a PayPal debit card. The last piece of investigative work involves reviewing the customer feedback that appears on seller product pages. Look for sellers who have earned high praise over the last year.


Every year, millions of people in the U.K. look forward to the annual or semi-annual holiday that takes them far from workplace stresses. People take holidays by train, automobile, plane, and even by sea. They either book the mode of transportation separately or buy a holiday package that include travel expenses. Both methods restrict choices, which is why taking a holiday by caravan has become a popular way to relax. Caravan holidays typically involve the reservation of a caravan rental or the outright purchase of a caravan to use multiple times. The question remains for most as to where to take their caravan holiday.

The Peak District is an easy-to-reach region in central Great Britain that offers a wide variety of attractions for the entire family. Families can enjoy an educational day at Trentham Monkey Forest or rise above a gorgeous valley in a Heights of Abraham cable car. The quaint town of Buxton hosts several cultural events within the town's iconic opera house. Exploring Treak Cliff Cavern results in the creation of rare Blue John Stone jewellery. Above all, every family should spend some time in the national park, which has the most options for setting up a temporary caravan home, as well as offers the most stunning scenery inside of the Peak District.

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