8 Push Up Bras That Will Fool Everyone

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8 Push Up Bras That Will Fool Everyone

For women that weren’t born well endowed, there is a push up bra that will make the world think they were. Push up bras use underwire and padding to add lift and create the illusion of a larger, fuller, and perkier bust line. Create cleavage in a low-cut top, add drama to a party dress, or add some sex appeal to a simple T-shirt with the right push up bra.

Push up bras come in many shapes, sizes, styles, and colours to please every woman. Many brands offer their own lines of push up bras, but some are going to lift more than others. Some push up bras may add a cup size or more to a woman’s bust line, so this should be considered when purchasing push up bras. For women who are looking to enhance their bust line, there are several different makes to choose from that offer both a natural and comfortable fit.

What to Consider Before Buying a Push Up Bra

Before buying a push up bra, know exactly what the bra size is that will be purchased. A push up bra should fit exactly as a regular bra does; the only difference may be the extra underwire or the additional padding. The right bra should fit comfortably and not dig into the back or shoulders. Breasts should fall naturally into the cups without being forced in too tightly, or spilling over the sides. Consider going for a professional bra fitting before shopping online to find out the correct size so the right bra will be ordered on eBay.

Budget is another consideration; a good push up bra may not be cheap, but it will provide a lot of wear and for a good quality bra, it’s worth the cost. Other factors to keep in mind are preferred style, colours, and bra details that the consumer deems important.

8 Types of Push Up Bras

For those women who are looking for a push up bra, there are many different makes and models to choose from. Each offers different advantages when it comes to enhancing a woman's chest area, which can range from minimal to extremely enhanced designs.

1: Agent Provocateur

Agent Provocateur is a line of bras that makes exceptionally sexy and feminine lingerie. They offer several styles of push up bras, such as demi and balconette bras that push the breasts up but don’t offer too much extra padding. A bra like this would be perfect for a woman that already has a nice sized chest, but needs a little more lift to her bosom.

Agent Provocateur bras come in many sizes and colours and although they aren’t heavily padded, their line of push up bras is a sexy and beautiful way to create lift and cleavage.

2: After Eden

After Eden push up bras will definitely fool everyone into thinking the wearer has extreme cleavage. These bras use gel and foam padding along with an underwire to increase the wearer’s cup size and give the effect of much larger breasts. The plunge creates unforgettable cleavage that will give any dress or top a much-needed dose of sex appeal. After Eden bras will add at least one cup size and maybe more. These bras come in a variety of colours as well as several different styles.

3: La Senza

La Senza bras don’t disappoint. These bras, notably the XXX line of push up bras, contain gel padding similar to the After Eden bras. They come in lots of colours, patterns, and styles, and can be purchased strapless or with straps. La Senza bras will boost cleavage and reveal a stunning silhouette on even the smallest chested woman.

Boning and underwire provide support and make the bust line appear smooth and beautiful. These gorgeous bras will have people curious whether plastic surgery helped create this amazing bust; but really, it was just the help of a fabulous La Senza push up bra. They also make pretty knicker and bra sets, so purchase a matching set to feel extra pretty under clothing.

4: Marks & Spencer

Retail giant Marks & Spencer has put their best bra forward with the Amazing Push Up Bra, which adds two cup sizes to the consumer’s bust line. These bras are soft yet well padded and have lots of support due to the underwire. The plunge style makes cleavage dramatic and full, and straps can be worn several different ways.

The bra is very comfortable and comes in a variety of colours. This popular style of bra has made female M & S consumers very happy, and it’s definitely with good reason; reviewers of the bra say it makes them feel very confident.

5: H & M

H & M has long been known for their affordable and lovely clothing, but they also have a great lingerie collection. Check out their variation of the push up bra by purchasing the Super Push Bra, which is perfect for small chested women that need a big boost. This bra creates lift and fullness by adding a cup size.

Straps are adjustable and comfortable, and the bra is heavily padded to create a realistic shape. The bra comes in many colours and offers knickers to match. An H&M bra is an affordable alternative to more expensive push up bras, and it definitely does the trick.

6: La Perla

The La Perla Malizia style bra is an underwire, push up bra that offers a beautiful bra with lots of cleavage boosting foam and underwire. It’s sexy, seductive, dramatic, and gorgeous, and the bra comes in different colours and is edged with lace. For lower key days or more casual events, padding can be removed or added at the consumer’s whim. This is a good quality bra with molded cups that form to the buyer’s body comfortable and beautifully. They also offer other styles of push up bras that give great enhancements to the bust, so check out their line of push up bras on eBay for the best price for a quality bra.

7: Triumph

Triumph bras are made in several different styles, but they offer great cleavage enhancing benefits in all of their push up bras. They offer the popular Aqua-V bra, which provides a comfortable, but cleavage enhancing bra, and the Smart Curves bra, which is a super push up bra that creates a fuller bust with the aid of firm padding in the cups that are contoured to give the wearer a natural, beautiful shape.

Smart Curves bras can also be worn several ways to adapt to different clothing styles, and straps can be removed so the bra can be worn strapless if desired.

8: Wonderbra

The king of the push up bras, Wonderbra offers a push up bra for every woman. Wonderbra uses gel technology to create comfortable bust enhancing bras that add one to two cup sizes to the wearer’s bust. Wonderbra bras come in many different colours and styles, and can be worn a variety of ways. Some bras may offer more padding than others, depending on how much cleavage the user desires. Some Wonderbras, such as the underwire bras, may just offer lift, but the newer gel bras give a bra busting effect with a ton of cleavage.

Women of any chest size can wear the Wonderbra, and they can enhance what is already there, or easily create the illusion of what isn’t. As far as push up bras go, Wonderbra is easily the most popular and well loved brand, so for consumers that aren’t sure where to start when shopping for the perfect push up bra, Wonderbra is probably a good place. They are lightweight, lacy, silky, and comfortable.

How to Buy Push Up Bras on eBay

Buying push up bras on eBay can be tricky, but once you can navigate to the right category, you’ll see all of the bras to select from. First, search for bras, then you’ll have to specify by selecting Lingerie. From there, go under Style and select Push Up, and then you can either shop by brand, size, or condition (new or used.) If you already know what brand of bra you are looking for, simply click that brand, such as Wonderbra, and you’ll see all of the push up bras available in that brand. To circumvent all of that for a more tailored search, locate an exact bra easily by typing in a search such as La Perla push up bra.

If the bra is new, check to see if it has tags or not. Make sure you can view photos of the bra so you can get an accurate idea of the style and colour. Ask the seller any questions you may have before purchasing the bra, and if the seller is local, see if you can pick up your bra in person and skip shipping costs completely. See if the seller has other items to bundle with your bra for a better deal, such as matching knickers or a thong. You’ll get more for your money this way. Buying the perfect push up bra on eBay is easy if you know what size bra you wear and what type of bra would be right for your own personal needs.


Buying push up bras on eBay can be fun and less inconvenient than going to lots of stores and shopping for bras in person. Bra shopping is a lot easier without sales people hanging around or wasting time going from store to store to find what you want. Locate the exact bra that is desired with just a few clicks on eBay, and buying from Top-Rated sellers means buying a great push up bra with confidence. If shopping for push up bras is embarrassing, than shopping from home will alleviate that experience.

When it’s time for bra shopping or a special occasion arises that means a push up bra is needed, head to eBay to fulfill every bra shopping need that comes up. Put together a whole new set with a pretty bra along with matching knickers for less than what you’d pay in a store and it will come conveniently right to your door with no hassle at all.

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