8 Skirt Styles You Can Wear To Work

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8 Skirt Styles You Can Wear To Work

Dressing for work can be a challenge for some women. You want to look professional, but you want to feel pretty as well. The best way to pull together a great work look is to incorporate skirts that are flattering and conservative at the same time, but aren’t lacking in fashion. The first rule to remember when you’re choosing skirts for work is length. A short skirt is seen as very unprofessional, but you may feel dowdy in a long skirt. Meet in the middle with a knee length skirt that is still cute and trendy but not too short or inappropriate.

Go one step further and pick the proper skirt for your body type whether you are petite, tall, or curvy. There’s a perfect skirt for every body type that will not only look amazing but feel wonderful too. Pretty soon you will be looking forward to getting dressed for work in all of your cute skirts. One type of skirt you should never wear to work is a mini skirt; leave those for after hours. This guide contains suggestions on which types of skirts are best for the office environment including styles, blouse, and shoe suggestions, which will make purchasing skirts online a breeze.

Deciding Which Styles Best Suit You

The process of skirt shopping can seem overwhelming when you are not sure which style is best suited for you. When it comes to choosing the proper skirt there are many factors to consider such as length, shape, colour, fit, and overall look. It’s best ahead of time to research the different styles listed below to see which best your overall needs, and personality.

Style 1: Pleated Skirt

Pleated skirts are very on trend right now. When you hear the words pleated skirt, you may think of schoolgirl uniforms, but pleated skirts have grown up and are a fabulous way to add something to your work wardrobe and liven it up a bit. For best results, wear a pleated skirt with a thin sweater or blouse tucked in to the waist. This creates a flattering hourglass effect.

Women that are curvier may want to opt for slimming pleats that lie flat, and women that are small and petite and wish to add curves may want to choose accordion style pleats, which add some fullness to the figure. For work, wear a pleated skirt with ballet flats or heels, but never any type of boot.

Style 2: Pencil Skirt

Pencil skirts are flattering, typically knee length, and create a beautiful silhouette for women that are curvy and want to feel feminine. Pencil skirts can come in many types and can be peplum skirts, have ruffles or bows, or simply be straight skirts. Pencil skirts fit close to the body and are also called straight skirts. They may also have a slit in the back or side, and if they do, make sure it’s not too high.

Some pencil skirts are high waisted, giving the woman the illusion of a smaller waist, which can be very flattering. Typically, tucking a blouse into a pencil skirt is going to be more flattering than an untucked skirt. Wear a pencil skirt with a classic pair of heels and a blazer or jacket for a sleek, work appropriate look.

Style 3: A-Line Skirt

An A-line skirt is the perfect way to disguise large hips. The skirt fits snugly around the waist then flares out around the hips and thighs, creating a flattering and very feminine shape for the wearer. A-line skirts look great when paired with a cardigan and boots in the cooler months, and also look very fashionable with a tucked in button down blouse.

Add some interest to your outfit with a scarf or some coloured or patterned tights.. A-line skirts can be lightweight for summer, or heavier for winter, so this type of skirt can be worn year round. It’s the perfect skirt for a woman with an hourglass figure that may not want to show off all her curves in a pencil skirt, yet still wants to look pretty and conservative for work.

Style 4: Maxi Skirt

Maxi skirts are those long, beautiful skirts that short women avoid. This is generally a style that looks best on tall women, and can be worn to work when paired with the right top. Wear a flowing maxi skirt with a button up top that fits well, or pair a jacket and camisole with your maxi skirt. For a feminine look, stick to ballet flats or heels with a maxi skirt.

When it comes to maxi skirts, since there is already so much material involved, it’s best to stay away from skirts that are too brightly coloured, overly patterned, or too floral. A simple, solid coloured maxi skirt is best and won’t overwhelm your body. If you like patterns and prints, just wear a top that has a pattern on it, and leave the maxi skirt plain.

Style 5: Midi Skirts

Midi skirts are perfect for work. What is a midi skirt? It’s also known as a mid-length skirt, which falls below the knee but above the ankle. It’s a respectable length for a work skirt, and midi skirts come in many styles and cuts including pencil skirts and asymmetrical skirts. Wear heels with a midi skirt to enhance your legs, and on top, just about anything will work.

Try a professional looking blazer with a midi pencil skirt for a classic, traditional work look, or pair a pretty turtleneck or cardigan sweater with a midi skirt and heels. Midi skirts also come in prints, which should be paired with a solid coloured top and dark stockings in the winter and bare legs in the summer depending on your work dress code.

Style 6: Tiered Skirt

A tiered skirt is very ladylike and full. Tiered skirts are layered skirts that either have individual layers or the illusion of layers created by the sectioning of the skirt into different tiers. Tiered skirts can either be long, short, full, or straight, come in a variety of designs, colours, and styles. Tiered skirts are also called prairie skirts.

A tiered skirt can be elegant for work when paired with a pretty blouse and heels or wedge sandals.. Since tiered skirts are full, wear a blouse that fits a little tighter to highlight your figure and avoid getting lost in the skirt.

Style 7: Circle Skirt

A circle skirt is exactly that: a simple, circular skirt that falls around the hips loosely. Circle skirts can go from the office to cocktails and still look beautiful and elegant. A circle skirt can work on women of every size, because they are very forgiving. Wear your circle skirts with a fitted top, and keep the skirt at knee length for the most flattering silhouette. Heels will make the legs look longer and look great when worn with a circle skirt.

Circle skirts came into vogue in the 1950’s, yet they still work well on women today. This feminine style speaks volumes on its own, so make the rest of your outfit a little more muted, such as a stylish but solid coloured top, and ladylike accessories.

Style 8: Flared Skirt

Flared skirts encompass a multitude of different styles. Some flared skirts are fitted against the body until you get to the bottom of the skirt, which is flared out. Some flared skirts are trumpet shaped, which means the skirt flares out slightly at roughly the midpoint of the skirt.

Flared skirts can be long or short, and be made of many materials. A flared skirt is all-purpose, and looks good on all types of figures. Wear heels with a flared skirt, and if the skirt is patterned, keep the rest of the outfit simple. Shorter women should not wear a flared skirt that is longer than knee length. Simple accessories and even a jacket or scarf can add something to a flared skirt look for work and further personalise your outfit.

How to Buy Skirts For Work on eBay

Buying great skirts on eBay is simple, fun, and convenient. Put together a fabulous outfit for work that will cost less and show up right at your door. If you aren’t sure which style of skirt you would like, but want to get a general idea of what’s available, do a search for skirts.. The search can then be narrowed to Women’s Skirts and you’ll see all of the different types of skirts that can be purchased, including new, used, and vintage style skirts.

Search skirts by brand for great deals on brand name skirts, such as H&M skirts or M&S skirts.. Purchase skirts from Top-Rated Sellers that have excellent feedback, and look for local sellers so you can pick up your skirt in person instead of paying shipping fees. If the seller is not local, see if you can bundle other items with your skirt for a lower shipping cost, or combine shipping for more than one skirt. Ask to see photos of the skirt if need be, and get exact size and measurements of skirts to ensure they fit properly. Check for a returns policy just in case they don’t fit and need to be returned or exchanged.


Shopping for skirts to wear to work doesn’t have to be difficult or even time consuming. Knowing your body type and what looks good on you is definitely helpful, as well as knowing what types of outfits are acceptable and appropriate for your office in particular. If you’re not sure, ask around, or simply take a look at the women in your office to see what they are wearing. For a more conservative office, longer skirts and darker colours may be more appropriate.

 To spice up your work look, add cute accessories like fun scarves, jewellery, cute heels, or patterned stockings. If you’re not sure about a skirt and if it’s work appropriate, err on the side of caution. It’s always best to look more conservative than it is to look like you’re about to hit the latest nightclub. Dressing for work is important because the way you look gives people their first impression of you, so take care to pull a work look together that commands respect while remaining pretty, feminine, and classic.

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