8 Ways to Accessorise Your Kia Sportage

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8 Ways to Accessorise Your Kia Sportage

Accessorising a vehicle is akin to adding identity, character, and depth to mirror the owner's personality. Similar makes and models of vehicles rolling out of a showroom are identical, like a blank canvas, but when the owner gets creative and accessorises the car, it adds a personal touch transforming the average vehicle. Accessorising can be done to the car's interiors and exteriors, but it is important not to go overboard, as it can be disastrous, making a vehicle appear tacky and gaudy rather than classy.

One can find many ideas on how Kia Sportage owners can accessorise their cars just right. The features of the Sportage can be enhanced in a way that the new look embodies a distinctive, visual dynamism. Accessories such as wheels, roof racks, grilles, headlights and taillights can transform the exteriors, while plush upholstery, car mats, navigation systems, steering wheel covers, and seat covers are some of the options for the interior; the choices are endless. One can find accessories for cars from traditional auto stores. eBay is another option where one can find the accessories to enhance the exterior and interior of a Kia Sportage.

 Four Ways to Accessorise the Kia Sportage Exterior

Accessories for the Kia Sportage can be a good combination of technology-related add-ons, practical accessories, and those that enhance the car's aesthetic appeal. Some external accessories help alter a plain-looking vehicle into one that stands out.

 1. Alloy Side Steps

An extremely useful add-on, alloy side steps serve dual purposes, namely, assisting people to get into the vehicle regardless of the road conditions and providing easy access to the roof rack or the roof box. Generally made from anodised aluminium for strength and durability, the side step may have non-slip step pads moulded on. These non-slip pads also help wipe away mud and slush from footwear to keep interiors clean. Heavy zinc-plated fittings allow the side step to be securely fastened to take on the weight of people stepping on it.

 2. Grilles and Grille Inserts

Protecting the radiator and the engine, grilles are also a cosmetic feature, enhancing the front end of a vehicle and making a style statement. Many a make and model has come to be recognised instantly by its distinctive grille design.

Simple and elegant, mesh grilles are seen on some of the fine luxury and sports cars as original equipment, and they are also available as aftermarket accessories. Made using stainless steel, aluminium, or ABS plastic, they may be polished, chrome-plated, or powder-coated.

Completely automated CNC machines create grilles in various customised designs from solid metals to turn out the perfectly finished product. Billet style grilles consist of a series of thin metal bars stacked horizontally or vertically in cast or extruded square section. Punch grilles have a complex pattern of holes and are seen on high-end vehicles.

Owners of Kia Sportage vehicles can take advantage of CNC, billet, punch and mesh grille designs. Installation of a grille can be done by completely replacing the original or as grille overlays that allow the aftermarket product to be placed over the original using hidden bolts and clamps. Grille insert is another method where the original is cut and the insert fits in its place.

 3. Mud Flaps

Loose stones and debris can cause dents or chip away paint on the car exterior. Mud flaps made of heavy-duty rubber or moulded plastic help keep out debris, loose stones, and mud from behind the car wheels. Straight design and rectangular mud flaps are common, while mud flaps for specific makes and models may be more contoured. You can use a mud flap kit, which comprises of mud flaps, mounting hardware, anti-sail bars, end caps, quick pins, and an instruction manual, to enhance the function and look of your Kia Sportage.

 4. Car Lights

Automotive lighting is crucial to the safety of the occupants of a car as well as the other drivers on the road. The lighting is necessary to provide proper illumination of the road ahead. Headlight and taillight designs have evolved since the days of tungsten halogen bulbs, and car owners now have a wider choice. Those wishing to customise a Kia Sportage have a wide variety of headlights and taillights to choose from, with inspiring designs ranging from sophisticated to rugged. High Intensity Discharge, or HID, Xenon lamps are an improvement over tungsten halogen bulbs, giving off a distinctive bluish colour and less heat. LED lights are easily identifiable as strips of small light sources in a cluster; they offer low power consumption, long lifespan, and numerous design possibilities.

And there is more. Bumper lights, corner lights, third brake lights, and off-road lights can also be used to alter the plain look of a car. Flood lights and long range off-road lights can deliver a mean, muscular look to a Kia Sportage.

 Four Ways to Accessorise the Kia Sportage Interior

A comfortable driving experience can depend a great deal upon the car's interiors. Just as in the case of the exterior, one can avail of a number of options to enhance the look of the interior of a Kia Sportage. Choices range from seat and wheel covers to gear knobs.

 5. Car Seat Covers

Elegant seats with plush car seat covers that occupants can sink into make the ride in a Kia Sportage a comfortable one. Another practical function of seat covers is to protect the seats from stains, wear, and tear. Dressing the seats with water-repellent washable seat covers is a good idea, especially as car seats are subject to so many perils, including wet swimsuits, sticky spills, sweaty clothes, and pet hair.

Leather covers, poly cotton, neoprene , tweed, canvas, and velour are some materials used in making car seats. One can also consider the exotic beaded covers that look great.

 6. Steering Wheel Cover

For sheer handling comfort, nothing beats the feel of a luxurious steering wheel cover, especially when the weather is cold and biting. It also makes for a good grip when palms are sweaty during hot weather conditions. Steering wheel covers may be crafted from elegant leather, soft sheepskin, and memory foam.

 7. Car Mats

The car floor needs to be shielded from dirt, dust, grime, and wear, and car mats are designed to provide that protection. Mats made from PVC and rubber mats are popular, as they are inexpensive and easy to clean. Rubber-backed carpet mats are another option that are high on comfort, while carpet mats offer more luxury and style. Mats are created to fit specific makes and models of vehicles.

 8. Gear Knobs

Known as gear knobs, shift knobs, or stick shift knobs, these parts are customised to give a sporty look to the interior of a car. It is surprising that so many design variations are available for such a small car part, and the right accessory can be so eye-catching as to alter the look of the interior. Leather gear knobs are a permanent fixture in high-end cars where the dashboard is made of expensive wood. Leather gear knobs may be combined with chromed aluminium inserts and buttons or with decorative stitching for a rich look. Various designs in all-aluminium, aluminium with leather inserts, or perforated aluminium gear knobs are popular amongst car owners.

Other Miscellaneous Exterior and Interior Accessories for Kia Sportage

There is virtually no end to the types of accessories that are available to spruce up a vehicle. Accessories range from elegant to downright gaudy. In addition to those discussed above, following are some of the other accessories that can be useful especially for a driver hitting the roads on a long journey.



 Car Cigarette Lighter

A socket that supplies electrical power for portable accessories such as mobile phones and MP3 players

Fog Lights

An auxiliary light with a wide beam, fog lights are useful when driving in foggy weather conditions

Car Decals /Stickers

For those who want to air their opinions. These can be affixed on the windshield, bumper, windows, or anywhere the driver fancies

Drink Holders

Hold cups and glasses in the car to avoid spillage

Car Fresheners

Eliminates foul odours and freshens up the interiors in floral and fruity scents

Car Audio Systems

Listen to music using earphones, or have subwoofers and amplifiers installed to crank up the sound

GPS Systems

A helpful navigation system that guides the driver along on unknown locations

Newer and innovative accessories for cars keep invading the markets on a regular basis. A Kia Sportage owner can be on the lookout for accessories that can make the car stand out.

 Buying Accessories for Kia Sportage on eBay

You can find a number of accessories for a Kia Sportage on eBay. To begin a search for the right accessories for a Kia Sportage, you can start with the category on eBay that deals with cars, such as 'Vehicle Parts & Accessories'. Looking in any of the subcategories under this main category, such as 'Car Accessories,' 'Car Parts,' and 'Car Tuning & Styling', can help you locate the parts you need for your Kia Sportage. Shoppers can find exterior and interior accessories for cars in all three subcategories, and these products range from performance and tuning parts to custom lighting.

If you find the parts you are looking for, it is important that you take the time to evaluate the quality of the seller you are interested in dealing with. Once you feel confident about the seller, you can go on to complete the deal by placing the purchase order on eBay. The website offers numerous secure payment options for the convenience of shoppers.


Many vehicle owners wish to accessorise and upgrade their cars, and the market is flooded with parts of various types suitable for the exteriors and interiors of vehicles. The Kia Sportage is a compact crossover SUV and is an apt car that can be accessorised. One can choose parts that contribute to subtle and muted styling that can preserve the simplicity of the car and yet make a bold statement. Exterior accessories range from various types of automobile lights, bumpers, and fenders to roof racks and roof bars. The interiors can benefit from elegant styling products such as gear knobs, car audio and video systems, and steering wheel covers, among others. Car air fresheners can create a fresh and fragrant ambience within, while car decals give expression to the owner's thoughts.

One can find the required accessories for a Kia Sportage easily at the online store eBay. With its large number of sellers, eBay offers customers the opportunity to find great deals on new and used parts to accommodate varied budgets.

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