8 Ways to Vamp Up Your Crossover

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8 Ways to Vamp Up Your Crossover

A crossover vehicle is built on a car chassis, but has a lot of the same features as a sports utility vehicle. For example, the interior space is more spacious with a taller roof. They sometimes have larger tyres and more clearance than a car does, and things like a roof rack and all-wheel drive are very common. Crossovers have become very popular over the last few years because of their versatility. They drive and handle like a car, usually get better fuel economy than an SUV, yet still have many of the same benefits that an SUV has.

Whether the crossover is brand new, or a few years old, many people would like to customise their vehicle to add a personal touch. Most vehicles from a manufacturer all look exactly the same going down the road. Rather than blending in with the crowds, owners can make their crossover look and feel great. People spend more time driving in their vehicles than they ever have in the past. They have to commute to work, run errands, drop kids off to school, and meet up with friends. Since owners spend hours in their crossover each day, it makes sense to make it as comfortable and enjoyable as possible. Luckily there are many easy ways that drivers can vamp up their crossovers.

 Tip 1. Tint the Crossover's Windows

Tinting the crossover's windows used to be done just to block out the ultraviolet (UV) light. Keeping the interior of a vehicle shaded keeps it cooler inside, and also helps prevent the dashboard and seats from fading or cracking. However, tinting the windows is more than just functional, and people soon discovered that it also gave their vehicles a dark, sleek look that is quite appealing. Since window tinting is inexpensive, protects the interior, and makes the crossover look unique, it's a great choice for customisation.

Tip 2. Upgrade the Exhaust System

Upgrading the exhaust system gives a vehicle more horsepower, a better sound, and sometimes better fuel economy. This is a more expensive way to customise the vehicle and it is not something that anyone else really notices just by looking at it. However, it increases the enjoyability of driving the car, something that is important for owners who are in their crossover all the time.

Since replacing the exhaust system is a more time intensive and complicated project, it is best done by a professional mechanic. However, buyers can certainly shop for their own exhaust kits in order to try and find a better deal. Auto shops usually only sell a limited number of kits.

 Tip 3. Put on Exterior Decals

Putting on exterior decals is a very easy and affordable way to customise a vehicle. Owners can find thousands of decal designs online such as flames, patterns, logos, or even custom graphics. Simply make sure that the stickers do not harm the paint on the crossover before purchasing them.

 Tip 4. Customise the Lights

New lighting is becoming an extremely popular way to spice up a vehicle. The stock headlights and taillights can be replaced with something more unique and higher quality, and people can add additional lighting such as fog lights. It is even possible to get coloured running board lights that go underneath the vehicle to make it look like it is levitating at night.

 Tip 5. Install a Body Kit

No matter how much people vamp up their crossover, it still has the same body shape as the rest of the ones from the manufacturer. However, in most cases, this can actually be changed as well. Body kits are designed to attach to the vehicle to change the shape of the stock body. For example, the stock bumper may be replaced with one looks more sporty with curves and a lower lip. Buyers can also find things like new wings, and spoilers for their vehicle. Typically, body kits are pretty expensive, but they certainly change the look of the crossover.

 Tip 6. Get New Car Seat Covers

The seats in any vehicle tend to get worn down or faded quickly. They are subjected to a lot of friction on a daily basis that thins out the fabric. Covering them up with seat covers not only protects them from further damage, but it also makes the interior look new and fresh. There are two kinds of covers that are available to purchase.

Type of Car Seat Covers


 Custom Seat Covers

Made specifically for a particular crossover make and model; they fit over the factory seats in a way that makes them look like the seats were reupholstered; come in a variety of colours and sometimes can be found in a pattern; expensive and can be hard to install

Universal Seat Covers

Very affordable; can be found at most auto shops; designed to fit the majority of factory seats, however, they usually do not look perfect; higher quality ones have a few straps to tighten them down with, but others may appear baggy and loose; also tend to come in more varieties with logos, bright colours, and unique patterns on them

Seat covers are a good buy because they help maintain the value of the vehicle. Automobiles depreciate in value as they get older, and if they show signs of wear and tear, the value drops even further. Seat covers help prevent this from happening by keeping the factory seats in their original condition.

 Tip 7. Try Some Off Road Accessories

Some crossovers have more ground clearance and drivers buy them because they want a vehicle that does well in the city, but can still go on dirt roads. One way to make the crossover look more rugged is to get a few accessories. If it does not already have one, a roof rack is a great accessory to install for those who do a lot of road trips. A grille guard is another thing to consider because it makes the vehicle look more tough and it protects the car from front-end damage. Also consider things like headlight and taillight guards, bigger tyres, and steel replacement bumpers.

 Tip 8. Get Some Smaller Accessories

Just because they are small, does not mean they do not do a lot to vamp up the car. Smaller accessories like steering wheel covers and sun visor clips still make the interior of the crossover more like home. Sun visor organisers hold things like important documents or CDs so that the drivers do not lose them. A steering wheel cover can be used to add colour to the space, or to protect the factory wheel from getting dirty and worn. There are also pocket organisers that hang on the back of the seats to help store other things like toys, tissues, rubbish bags, or a GPS system. For those with children, a portable DVD system that hangs on the backs of the seats may also be a good idea.

 How to Find Accessories and Upgrades for Your Crossover on eBay

Since customising your crossover involves finding accessories or upgrades that are based on personal preference, you need to be able to see all of your options. Going to an automotive shop where they are likely to only have a few items on display simply does not provide enough of a choice. Instead, shop online where you can stay at home and still see thousands of options. Not only does this give you the opportunity to see a larger variety of styles and designs, but it also gives you the ability to find the best deals.

Type in the product name that you are looking for into the eBay search bar to see what's available. You can enter something like "steering wheel cover", "seat cover", or " vehicle decals". The website then populates a list of products and you can begin your shopping. Since there are so many items to sort through, you can try to eliminate a few by entering in your price range or sorting the products by the lowest priced ones first.


Customising their vehicles is becoming more and more popular among owners. Drivers are taking more pride in the ownership of their automobiles and looking for more ways to personalise them. Crossovers are no exception, and as owners spend an increasing amount of time driving around, it makes sense that they would want to make their ride more comfortable, unique, and enjoyable. There is no point in driving around a boring, stock crossover that is the same as everyone else's when they can vamp it up a bit and make it more exciting. Tons of accessories and upgrades are available on the market to do this. Having so many options allows owners to find ways to personalise their crossover while still staying within their budget and being happy with the results. Something as small and inexpensive as a steering wheel cover or a decal can alter the appearance of the vehicle in a good way.

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