8 top tips for selling on ebay

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1. Create a good profile
Take the time to create a profile that looks good, and includes a description, to reassure people of who they are buying from.

2. Buy a few different things and list them on ebay
Smelling what sells can be difficult to start with, so buy a few low cost items that you think may sell, and test the water. You will soon get a feel for what interests people. You will be surprised!

3. That all important feedback
A lot of buyers will check out your feedback score. This is what buyers leave for you when purchasing an item. So make sure you describe your item well, including any slight defects. Make sure that you mention the size, the colour, the brand, the specs etc.
However do not focus completely on the defects, start with telling the potential buyer about the item and how great it is, then state any defects as facts and move on quickly, with positive language and why the product is so lovely.

4. Timings
ebay tends to get most of its visitors in the evenings during the week, and on Sundays. So when listing your item, bear that in mind for the ending time of your auction. If it can end within these time frames, then you can get the most exposure.

5. Starting Prices
Your starting price should be the lowest price that you are willing to let your item be sold. So if it is something that is worth a lot of money, please bear this in mind. However, if you have the starting price too high, it will discourage buyers, so there really is a fine line.

6. Postage
Make sure you that you research postage costs before you list your item. You don't want to get the post office, to discover, that you need to pay more than you quoted.

7. Stay safe
It should go without saying, but, if you are selling items that require collection from yourself, make sure that you are not alone and that someone is with you when people come to collect the item. Same goes for collecting items that you have purchased. Always stay safe.

8. Enjoy
Finally ENJOY. Buying and selling can be very rewarding when you get it right, so smell what sells and go and make lots of money :)
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