9 Dos and Donts When Wearing a Mini Dress

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9 Do's and Don'ts When Wearing a Mini Dress

Wearing a mini dress is a fun and stylish trend that more and more women are choosing to indulge in. Whether a woman is petite or tall, full-figured or athletic, the mini dress offers a silhouette and style that flatters her build and sense of style. With the popularity of the mini dress and the glut of options available to women, finding the right mini dress and wearing it with just the right accessories and shoes can be a complicated process.

This buying guide walks readers through some key do’s and don’ts when it comes to wearing a mini dress, with a focus on finding and purchasing the right style, accessorising it with the right touches, and wearing it with the ideal shoes to match. This guide also elucidates where and how women can buy mini dresses, including details on how to find the right dress on online auction sites and popular fashion aggregators such as eBay.

1. Do Indulge in Heels with a Mini Dress

With the focus on the legs, women should want to ensure that those legs are looking as long and lean as possible. Nothing can flatter a leg line more than a pair of heels. While traditional high heels can work, items with a bit of edge to them can really add the necessary touch to a mini dress ensemble. Platform heels are an especially keen look to pair with a mini dress that can balance out the proportions in a woman’s overall appearance. Given the minimal material and color block in a mini dress, having a sizable, statement shoe can create a more even-handed look in the gestalt. A platform’s substantial appearance can really finish off a look.

2. Don’t Focus Attention on the Décolletage

Given the short structure of mini dresses, plenty of skin is already on display via a woman’s legs. A woman should allow her legs to be the centrepiece of her appearance. Pulling in a dramatic décolletage or even baring the arms can create an appearance that is altogether too overwhelming in its level of exposure. Allowing a mini dress to fulfill its central purpose as a garment that accents the legs gives a woman a gamine appearance that can be appealing.

A woman should avoid an overly low neck line and should wear jewellery that accents the mini dress and does not distract from it or her legs. With a mini dress, a woman should want the visual focus on her legs, and oversized jewellery can pull the eyes upward.

3. Do Consider the Legs as Part of the Ensemble

With legs at the center of a mini dress look, it is important for those legs to be treated with as much as care as any other element of an ensemble. A woman who chooses to wear a mini should take the time to groom her legs carefully, with a special focus on exfoliating and moisturising the skin. The emphasis with a mini dress is on bare legs, and the legs should be given as much care and attention as the rest of the outfit.

Highlighting powder can add a bit of appealing sheen, and a light bronzer or tanning cream can make legs look longer and leaner. Women should also consider paying special mind to the feet as well, even when wearing completely closed shoes. Well-tended feet can add yet another level of confidence to a woman’s appearance even if she is the only one who knows about them.

4. Don’t Always Go for Skin Tight in a Mini Dress

Mini dresses do not always need to be worn close to the skin. These fun and flirty dresses can exude a sense of élan, with full skirts and charming vintage touches. A woman can use a mini dress to explore ways in which she can express her femininity in subtler ways. A-line mini dresses, flared mini dresses, and sheaths can give a woman a very compelling appearance while sidestepping the sometimes too obvious sensuality of a skin-tight mini dress.

5. Do Get the Length of the Mini Dress Right

There is a wide range of lengths involved in mini dresses. A woman should take the time to consider what length best flatters her figure and sense of style. Generally speaking, a good rule of thumb when wearing a garment that exposes the leg is to avoid having the piece end at the widest part of the leg. Women should experiment with different lengths and see which work best, and they should also incorporate different silhouettes when considering length.

6. Don’t Forget Quality Undergarments

Women wearing mini dresses need to give special consideration to the undergarments they wear with the ensemble. The right support and coverage that quality undergarments provide can be one of the essential ingredients in the process. Shapewear, especially, can imbue a woman with the confidence that wearing a mini dress demands. When it comes to briefs, there are a wide range of options available that do not ruin the appearance of a mini dress with unwanted lines and creases. Just as with paying special attention to her feet, a woman who makes an extra effort to get her undergarments right has a secret ingredient in her arsenal that adds to her ability to exude grace in a mini dress.

7. Do Wear Mini Dresses at Any Age

With the vast variety of silhouettes available when it comes to the mini dress, there is no reason a woman should feel that she has to put a mini aside after a certain age. With the right considerations made, a mini dress can be charming and flirtatious in any decade. Sheath mini dresses can be especially elegant for older women, while vintage-style looks with a bias cut in the skirt can be very age appropriate. Darker colors can also make a mini dress look more professional and suitable for older women.

8. Don’t Forget Stockings Can Work with a Mini Dress

While the mini dress trend from a few years ago accentuated the nude leg, a classic mini dress look often involves a stocking. In fact, a patterned tight or over-the-knee sock can add a bit of funkiness and charming eccentricity to a woman’s appearance. The tight can also make a mini dress easier to wear in the colder months of the year. Women should investigate several options in leg wear, with a focus on contrasting dynamic tights or leggings with solid coloured mini dresses and one-tone stockings with print pieces.

9. Do Feel Confident Wearing a Mini Dress

A woman’s sense of self is always particularly evident when a mini dress is involved. Women should work to feel as confident as possible when wearing a mini dress. Paying special attention to the small details in the ensemble, as mentioned, can go a long way toward building confidence. Choosing the right dress also plays a big part. A woman should take the time to consider the message she is trying to get across with a mini dress, how it reflects who she is, and what silhouette, colour, or pattern can best translate that to the outside world. With this strong foundation, she can have the boldness she needs to make a mini dress really work.

Buying a Mini Dress on eBay

While offline retailers may not have a wide range of choices in the mini dress category, potential buyers can find a wide array of choices on online fashion aggregator sites such as eBay. The site has long been considered a place where women can access an enormous number of listings, finding options that suit their needs.

To begin a search for a mini dress on eBay, you can start off by entering a search term in the search bar, which is located at the top of any page on the site. To get an idea of the range of options available, you can run a general search for the term "mini dress". If you already have a specific cut or style in mind, use that specific term to narrow down your listings. When you run your search, eBay also offers up related searches that may help focus the purchasing process; for example, a general search for “mini dress” might bring up “clubwear” as a related category you might be interested in.

When buying mini dresses or accessories on eBay, it can be of value to get to know the sellers who are auctioning items. You can do this by looking through their past auctions and reviewing the feedback they have received from other customers.


No matter what a woman’s personal style or build is, she can wear a mini dress with aplomb by just following a few key guidelines. She can do this by paying special attention to the cut of the mini dress, making sure that it suits her figure, carefully considering accessories and shoes, and taking time to make sure that her legs are tip top and she is feeling confident. With the right amount of thought to the ensemble, a woman can find and wear a mini dress that can turn her into a real stunner. Mini dresses and the key accessories, including such items as shapewear garments, shoes, and jewellery can be found in a large array of selections on online auction sites such as eBay. Mini dresses of all sorts, including vintage minis, clubwear minis, and shift minis can be found in great variety on the auction site, giving a woman the options she needs to create an ideal mini dress moment.

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