9 Ways to Maintain Your Motor Home

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9 Ways to Maintain Your Motor Home

Travelling by motor home is a great way to see the United Kingdom and countries beyond. A motor home provides both a mode of transportation and accommodation, making it easy to get anywhere and feel right at home upon one's arrival. A motor home does require periodic maintenance, though, in order to fully enjoy it and avoid expensive problems. It costs money to maintain a motor home, but the maintenance costs are far less than those for a house and significantly less than what it may cost to fix problems if the motor home is not maintained.

In addition to being diligent, one needs to have the right motor home maintenance items to keep a motor home in good working order. You can buy everything you need to maintain your motor home from home goods retailers or from a source such as eBay. By following ways to maintain a motor home's mechanical parts, domestic facilities, and overall look, one can keep a motor home in tip-top shape and avoid expensive problems.

Ways to Maintain Your Motor Home's Mechanical Parts

Transportability is one aspect of a motor home's functionality. In order to get from place to place in a motor home, its mechanical parts must be in good working order. There are a few ways in which one can maintain a motor home's mechanical parts to ensure that the motor home remains problem-free on the road.

1. Maintain Your Motor Home's Engine

Engine maintenance for a motor home follows the same general guidelines as it does for a regular car. Proper engine maintenance starts with regular replenishment of motor oil. It helps to consult the motor home owner's manual to learn how often one should replace the motor oil. Many motor home owners overlook the fuel filter. Forgetting to change this filter results in dirtier fuel entering the engine, which decreases engine performance. The transmission is an important auxiliary part to the engine, and keeping it operating smoothly requires periodic changing of transmission fluid. Lastly, if one keeps an eye on the engine's belts, small cracks may be observed before a belt breaks completely. This can help prevent the motor home owner from being stranded somewhere when in need of a belt replacement.

2. Maintain Your Motor Home's Battery

A motor home's battery is a key part for driving the motor home and comfortably staying in it when one reaches the destination. Checking the battery's water levels and keeping the battery charged can avoid battery problems that can leave one stuck somewhere or unable to use the motor home's facilities.

Check Water Levels

A motor home's battery requires the right water level to work without problems. Too little water can damage the inside of the battery, and too much water can cause battery acid to leak and damage the outside of the battery. The water level should cover the lead plates in each of the battery's cells. About 1 cm above the tops of the plates is a suitable water level.

Keep the Battery Charged

Keeping the battery charged enables you to use it as a power source for all of the appliances in the motor home. The table below lists three different sources for charging a battery.




Alternator next to engine charges the battery while motor runs; provides 12 volts of electricity; attached electrical appliances should also run on 12 volts when alternator is power source for battery


Usually propane-powered; can charge dead battery, but better used as a direct electricity source for appliances in motor home; requires replenishment of propane supply

Solar Panel

Converts sun's energy into usable electricity for the battery; slowly charges battery, but energy source is clean and renewable as opposed to non-renewable fuel required to run alternator or generator

The sources in the table can all charge a battery for use while static. An electrical outlet, however, is the recommended power source if one is accessible. It provides 240 volts of electricity and precludes the possibility of draining a motor home's battery.

3. Maintain Your Motor Home's Water System

The water in a motor home's white water tank can go stale if it sits in the tank for too long. You want to prevent this situation because the stale smell and taste are difficult to remove from fresh water after changing the water supply. If the water does go stale, you can flush the water system with a mixture of about 4 g bleach per 1 litre of distilled water. Clear out the stale water, let the bleach mixture sit in the water tank for 12 hours, flush it out via water faucets in the motor home, and run fresh water through the system until the smell of bleach is gone. This should clean the water system as if it were new.

Water from a motor home's sink and shower drains into the grey water tank. You can drain this tank periodically when you empty the motor home's sewage.

4. Maintain Your Motor Home's Gas System

This maintenance tip refers to any of the motor home's appliances that run from liquid propane gas. You should periodically check gas lines to ensure there are no leaks. The presence of insects in LPG appliances could indicate that these insects entered the motor home through gas lines. If you see insects in LPG appliances, you should clear the gas lines because insects inside them can lead to inefficient operation of appliances.

Ways to Maintain Your Motor Home's Domestic Facilities

Livability is the other aspect of a motor home's functionality. There are a few ways to maintain a motor home's domestic furnishings in order to keep the motor home comfortable to live in. Following these maintenance tips helps ensure that the motor home is comfortable to stay in during holidays.

5. Maintain Your Motor Home's Loo

A motor home's loo is a sensitive apparatus. Proper maintenance requires adhering to a few simple rules and periodic cleaning. First, one should avoid putting any items in the loo that do not break down easily. Paper towels and feminine hygiene products are among the more common items that can back up the system. Second, make sure to add the right chemicals to the loo to prevent bad odours and to break down toilet tissue. Toilet cleaners should be gentle enough not to break any seals in the system. Third, make sure to drain the black water tank, where all the sewage goes, as necessary. Check the drainage hose for leaks and replace it as soon as possible to avoid messy situations when draining the black water tank.

6. Maintain Your Motor Home's Appliances

Motor home refrigerators and cooking appliances can slowly build up dirt until you seem to suddenly have a mess on your hands. It is thus important to regularly clean the motor home's oven and refrigerator. The oven oven can build up grease, but a regular household oven cleaner makes wiping it away easy. When not using the motor home, make sure to wipe the inside of the refrigerator and leave the door slightly ajar so that mould does not build up. Failing to do so can leave a nasty surprise the next time you fill up the refrigerator for a holiday.

7. Maintain Your Motor Home's Entertainment System

If the motor home has a television, you may want to check the antennae or satellite dish from time to time to make sure it is properly positioned and damage-free. You can also check the connections and wiring before going on holiday to prevent problems from cropping up while on the road.

Ways to Maintain Your Motor Home's Overall Appearance

Keeping the exterior and interior in good condition is also important in enjoying a motor home. Learning about ways to maintain the motor home's exterior and interior helps avoid problems that can be difficult to address should they grow.

8. Maintain Your Motor Home's Exterior

Maintaining your motor home's exterior requires checking for leaks around windows and doors. These can allow rain and dust to enter the motor home and can make a mess of the motor home's interior. One way to check for leaks is to spray the motor home's exterior with a garden hose and have someone inside the motor home report on water entering.

In addition to checking for leaks, one should also periodically wash the exterior of the motor home. Keeping the exterior clean helps preserve the paint on the motor home. The paint acts as a barrier to rust build-up, which can permanently damage the body of the motor home.

9. Maintain Your Motor Home's Interior

Keeping the motor home's interior clean makes it more pleasant to stay in it. It is wise to clean out the motor home when you return from holiday so that dirt and grime do not set in while the motor home sits. Wipe down all of the hard surfaces and run a vacuum over carpeted surfaces. You can bring a few cleaning accessories along on holiday, and many car wash businesses also have vacuums to clean carpeted surfaces.

How to Use eBay to Maintain Your Motor Home

eBay is one source where you can find everything you need to maintain your motor home. It is easy to search the site for the items you want, and you can find local sellers to reduce your shipping costs.

Searching for Motor Home Maintenance Items

You can search motor home maintenance items from any eBay page with the search bar. Use a term such as " toilet cleaner", and choose the appropriate category when eBay returns the results. The appropriate category may be related to general household items or vehicle parts and accessories, or it may be specific to a subcategory related to motor homes. Choosing the appropriate category ensures that the listings are related to the item you need.

Finding Local Sellers

If you specify the distance from your postcode within which sellers should be located, eBay can filter the results accordingly. The closer a seller is located to you, the less shipping should cost. Buying from local sellers can therefore lower your motor home maintenance costs.


A motor home is the ultimate travelling vehicle because you can use it for both transportation and accommodation. Owning a motor home comes with responsibilities though, and many of these revolve around maintenance. Inconvenient and expensive problems can result if a motor home is not looked after properly.

Proper motor home maintenance involves taking care of mechanical parts such as the engine, the battery, the water system, and the gas system. It is also important to maintain domestic facilities such as the loo, appliances, and the entertainment system. Keeping a motor home clean inside and out also makes it more livable and avoids structural problems. In order to follow these maintenance steps, one needs the right motor home maintenance items. Consumers can save money on these items on eBay as long as they know how to search the site and find local sellers. If they are diligent in following the ways to maintain motor homes and have the right items to do so, consumers can keep their motor homes comfortable and running smoothly for years.

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