925 Silver Jewellery

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Sometimes it's hard to tell when Silver really is Silver.

Here at SparklzToYou we ALWAYS provide 925 Sterling Silver unless otherwise stated in our Costume Jewellery.

Silver has ratings based upon how pure it is, and what types of other materials that it is combined with. Pure silver has a rating of 999, ensuring a 99.9% purity rating. Silver with a 925 rating is 92.5% pure, and is commonly known as sterling silver. The other 7.5% consists of alloy materials as pure silver is too soft to create substantial jewellery.
All 925 Silver will be stamped with '925'. A hallmark is legally required when a single piece of jewellery is 7.8g and over - SparklzToYou adhere to these legal obiligations, EVERY TIME!
I hope this information helps answer some questions!
If you'd like further information on our jewellery please feel free to ask! Contact us!
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