925 silver jewellery

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I've been working Christmas on a budget this year and it's hard to find silver cheap and I found you may have to buy from China or the states just to pay less does it matter if your willing to wait a few extra weeks for some say I should be buying from England and supporting my country but it's hard I have to go were its cheapest the quality is good and you could not tell from not looking closely that if may be a fake a lot of the 925 has been gift for friends and not one of them has noticed any difference or had green makes left from what I bought them I had many of my friends tell me I should not have spent so much on them(if only they knew ) ,if you lucky like I have a few times now just for having patients getting a genuine silver item for 99p with free p&p hopefully next Christmas won't be so bad so this buzz agent says if you have to buy from China when times are hard it's not hurting anyone and as long as your happy with your purchase with I have been 9/10 times  carry on
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