A Brief History of Munsingwear Penguin

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Ease The Squeeze  is the UK's leading VINTAGE  Grand Slam Munsingwear Penguin Dealer.
We have hundreds of vintage Penguins from the 50's to the 80's, and will be adding new lines weekly to our fantastic  Ebay Shop.

A little Munsingwear Penguin History Lesson:

George D Munsing made a breakthrough in the world of intimate apparel when he made the worlds first silk and wool woven underwear. After years of itchy woolen underwear, the world could now enjoy freedom from irritation down below. With this new found success he left new york in 1886 to establish a textile factory in Minneapolis, Minnesota, along with two associates from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.
Munsing was particularly interested in designing new, durable, fabrics for use in work and sports wear.

They hit the jackpot in 1890, when Munsing invented the all-in-one 'Union' suit, they then secured contracts to make all the uniforms for many of the big industrial companies in the U.S these two successes allowed Munsingwear to become the biggest underwear company in the world, and the Union suit can still be seen  today in factories across the globe.

For the next 100 years, the Munsingwear label continued to seek out innovations in fabrics and designs, and during the 1970's using new fabrics and manufacturing techniques, Munsingwear produced apparel for NASA's Gemini and Apollo space Programmes!

In 1955, after talking to 240 golf Professionals about their apparel needs, the company introduced the very first knit golf shirt. The  Grand Slam golf shirt with the famous  Penguin emblem and underarm 'action gusset' was an immediate success. It soon became the biggest selling knit golf shirt in the world, and it transformed the game of golf from a dressy affair into the casual sport it is today. Worn by the likes of Frank Sinatra, Bob Hope, Arnold Palmer, Jack Nicklaus and Bing Crosby, this golf shirt became a symbol in suburban leisure well into the 1980's.

Munsingwear was one of the first sporstwear labels to introduce an instantly recognisable logo in the shape of a penguin. 'Pete' the  Penguin first showed up in 1954 on  Grand Slam knit golf shirts, starting a trend that was later picked up by other apparel makers, such as  Izod's alligatorRalph Lauren's polo player , and  Fred Perry's wreath .

One of the things we love about the  Grand Slam Penguin polo shirt is the shape of it. Having certainly changed over the years it always seems to accommodate and somehow perfectly represent the particular era it was made, whilst retaining an iconic individuality. It seems to fit every body shape as if it were tailor made!
When you add to this some incredible patterns used in production, not to mention the vast array of innovative and original fabrics the type of which you won't find in other well known vintage polo shirt ranges, you have indeed got something very special and certainly something that deserves to be immortalized through the joyous celebration of vintage clothing.
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