A Buyer's Guide to Women's Lemon Clothing for the Summer

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A Buyer's Guide to Women's Lemon Clothing for the Summer

One of the most enjoyable parts of the changing seasons is adapting your wardrobe to meet the weather. This is about both the weight of the clothing and its colour, matching the feel of the seasons with different hues. A popular shade for women's summer clothes, lemon brings to mind a bright, carefree attitude and the warm glow of the sun. From the youthful flair of a neon yellow dress to the soft effect of a yellow tea dress, lemon is the ideal colour to welcome the summer months. Be at the forefront of women's fashion with our helpful advice.


Lemon Dresses

A bold choice in summer dress, a lemon dress catches attention and breaks up the drab monotony of autumn and winter clothing. When choosing a yellow dress, consider the timing of the event or outing. A vintage yellow dress is a fun choice for wearing this bright shade in a pulled-together style appropriate for afternoon gatherings and even the office. For the more casual and whimsical look appreciated in holiday clothes, choose a ladies' lemon dress made of comfortable, breathable materials, such as cotton, to keep cool. Also a popular colour for even the most formal of summer occasions, lemon prom dresses make a unique statement, while lemon bridesmaids dresses give a cheerful, airy touch to summertime celebrations.


Choose the Right Lemon Shade

Yellow comes in a variety of shades, and choosing the appropriate one for your colouring is essential for getting a glowing, summery look. First, identify your skin undertone. Bright, vibrant yellows look better on cool skin tones, while richer golden and mustard tones complement warm skin tones. True lemon is a clear, pure yellow, which is lovely on a wide range of skin tones.


Pairing Lemon with Other Colours

A lemon dress is a versatile addition to a summer wardrobe, but all yellow outfits are not always practical or flattering. Pairing lemon with other colours creates a perfect summer ensemble and lets you bring this sunny shade to more occasions. A yellow T-shirt easily pairs with slacks or a pair of women's shorts. Strong yellow shades can overpower delicate colouring when worn close to the face. To bring this shade into an outfit without being too aggressive, pair a yellow skirt or yellow shorts with a black or white shirt to balance the impact of the lemon shade. For a bolder, more unique look, try mixing colours, such as yellow and purple. To complement a cool skin tone, wear purple on top and yellow as an accent for the bottom half of the outfit, with the opposite for warm skin tones.

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