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This is for the CD buyers on EBAY: The amount of CD's available now with re-recorded Titles is such that it's a must to check if the titles are ORIGINAL and not re-recorded.They are often as not re-recorde with different members in the Groups,or different re-recorded Tracks by Solo Artists also,as there is a BIG difference in the two.

The original Tracks are the ones the majority ofbuyers/people want,and not sub-standard nothing-like-the-original re-recordings later in that particular Artist or Groups careers.

PLEASE CHECK Via the CD Photos,or preferrably,ask the seller if they are re-recordings,as it has to be stated on any UK issues as a prerequisite,and is usually written in small print on the Insert reverse at or near the bottom of said Insert.You can save yourself a lot of disappointment by doing that,and often as not,the seller won't know either,so just ASK.


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