A DJ Deck Stand Buying Guide

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A DJ Deck Stand Buying Guide

Being a DJ means being in a profession where looks are everything. Even if a DJ has a lot of technical skill, they may not be successful if they don't cultivate an engaging public persona. A large part of this is about equipment that will not only function perfectly, but will get attention as well. Here is where a DJ deck stand comes into play. Any DJ worth his salt will know that a good deck stand will display turntables and other equipment properly while allowing easy access to them. At the same time, a deck stand needs to be large enough to incorporate all of the DJ's equipment as using multiple deck stands or tables is the height of unprofessionalism.

While DJ deck stands can be found in many music stores, or can be built by an enterprising DJ, there are many options available on eBay as well. Whether buying a deck stand on eBay or elsewhere, there are a few things to consider, such as what setups a deck stand will accommodate, what makes a deck stand visually interesting, and deck stand construction that will help a buyer find one that will be a perfect fit.

DJ Deck Setups

A DJ Deck is a very visible part of a DJ's arsenal, but needs to combine looks with functionality. Each DJ knows exactly what kind of equipment they need, and how to best arrange it. Some of them may want to use a laptop, while others simply use a turntable or two. Professional DJs may wish to have as much equipment available as possible in order to cover every possible contingency. For this reason, there are several kinds of DJ Decks that are designed to accommodate different equipment setups.

Turntable DJ Setup

The typical setup for a turntable DJ is fairly simple; there are two turntables divided by a mixer. In nearly every case, these pieces of equipment are arranged to be on one level surface. This means that the ideal deck style is a fairly simple table style deck stand. Some of these deck stands have recesses in the surface that allow the user to securely fit their turntables and mixer inside. This has the benefit of keeping everything in place and organised.

Other table shaped deck stands simply have a flat surface that is long enough to fit both turntables and the mixer. In some cases, the top of the deck stand is the only surface, but more commonly, there are shelves located beneath the top that allow the DJ to store LPs, headphones, cables, power sources, and other equipment. This same setup works as well for those who eschew turntables in favour of CD players or other media devices.

Software DJ Setup

Many DJs rely on software such as digital music players in order to perfect their craft. This usually means that they incorporate a laptop computer into their equipment.  This laptop needs to be easily reachable, and at the same time cannot interfere with access to turntables and mixers. For this reason, many DJ deck stands have an attachment that allows a laptop to be placed on it. These attachments usually consist of a small platform connected to the main deck stand with a metal arm. At times these arms may be flexible, but for the most part, they are rigid. This allows the DJ to place their laptop within arm's reach, but usually above the turntables and mixer so that there are no issues with performance.

All-Encompassing Setup

In some cases, a DJ will not only rely on a laptop and turntables, but also on CD players or other media devices. In these situations, there needs to be multiple platforms extended from the main table. These platforms are similar in appearance to one that is designed to hold a laptop computer, and allow easy access to a number of devices. This kind of DJ deck stand will be heavier and far more bulky than most, and is perhaps not always suitable for a DJ who needs to move a deck stand from place to place.

Cables and Cords

It is important with any deck stand, to ensure that there are holes and other openings that allow cables and cords to be properly connected to power sources as well as to other devices. This is particularly important in cases where an extra platform is attached to an existing deck stand. Some of these platforms will actually allow cords to be fed through the arm while others will not. Taking note of where cables and cords can go in is necessary, especially if a DJ will be performing in a small area where cables and cords may trip people or become damaged.

DJ Deck Visual Features

For many DJs, their deck stand and equipment might tend to look somewhat mainstream if it is a popular brand. This is a problem for those who might want to create a distinct public persona, and allow people to visually recognise them. There are, however, ways to make a deck stand more unique.


A simple way to make a DJ's equipment and deck stand fit a specific look is to apply some distinct colours. In come cases, a DJ may benefit from maintaining the natural colour of the wood that the deck stand is made from. This natural colour can be accented with stain and varnish, as well as with specific oils that keep the wood from drying out. Of course, wood can also be painted any number of colours, depending on the needs and wishes of the individual DJ. Some deck stands are made from synthetic materials and are made either to mimic actual wood, or of black and other solid colours. Another option is for a deck stand made of translucent or transparent plastics that help to highlight a DJ's equipment.


Some deck stands, particularly those that are made of transparent materials, have lights in them that can create very striking visuals. In some cases,  these lights can be wired in such a way as to flash or change colour depending on the music played. For deck stands made of opaque materials, lights can still be important and some have crevices and openings that are designed to allow for the installation and wiring of lights. Others have overhead bars where lights can be hung. Strobe lights, in particular, are popular additions to DJ deck stands.

DJ Deck Stand Construction

DJ deck stands are made by many people out of many different materials. For this reason, it can be difficult to ensure if one being purchased is of the best quality. If buyers can learn a bit more about how a deck stand is built, it may go a long way to easing any fears about how long it will last. If a deck stand is made out of solid materials and is built properly, it can theoretically last for a lifetime.

Deck Stand Materials

Many DJ deck stands are built out of wood, and with good reason. Wood is solid, durable, and can support a good deal of weight. This is especially important for those DJs who have a lot of heavy equipment. Alternative materials exist, such as composite woods and plastic, but any buyer should be careful to examine the deck stand and make certain that it can bear a good deal of weight for a long period of time.


It is important to ensure that a deck stand will not only support the weight of a DJ's equipment, but that it will be large enough to hold it properly. All DJ equipment can come in various sizes, from smaller laptops to small CD players. Mixers in particular can vary in size, as more sophisticated mizers have more dials and switches, causing them to become larger. Any deck stand that has indentations for equipment needs to be measured properly before purchase.

Buying a DJ Deck Stand on eBay

One of the main benefits of buying anything on eBay, including DJ deck stands, is that they can be new or used, in good condition, or in need of a little care. Anyone can find something that fits perfectly into their budget. It is well known that ebay has a large selection of DJ deck stands made from a variety of materials and with many different features. All of these deck stands can be viewed and examined by simply entering the term, 'DJ deck stand' into the search bar on the eBay home page. Of course, this search term can be modified to include other keywords related to size, colour, or material.

Be Thorough

There is nothing wrong with taking your time when buying on eBay. One of the great benefits of buying online is that sellers are available to ask questions about measurements, weight capacity, and anything else that it not totally clear in the product description. As always, it is important to examine a seller's profile and feedback score before making any purchase.


Most DJs typically learn very quickly to rely on their equipment when performing, but they are also aware that just as important is a deck stand that will properly hold and support all of this equipment. A good deck stand will not only be able to physically handle the job, but it should also be an important part of a DJ's visual persona. This can take many forms, from bright and interesting colours, to lights that flash in tune with a beat. Anyone who wants to buy a DJ deck stand should be aware of these features, as well as of construction factors that can help make certain that a deck stand can properly hold the weight of typical DJ equipment. When the right deck stand has been discovered, a DJ can rest easy, knowing that a major part of their equipment arsenal is in place and ready to go for years to come.

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