A Guide For Sellers On Chargeback

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I have recently come across this problem for the first time as seller on Ebay. This is where a buyer purchases an item from you , as the seller, maybe , as in my case the buyer wants the item sending to a different address ( as a present etc ). What happened afterwards was a nightmare.

The buyer confirmed receipt of the item and left good feedback , to my way of thinking this was the end of the matter. But 4 months later this buyer claimed against my Paypal account with a chargeback claim.

 In this transaction I had done nothing wrong and the feedback helped to bare this out but the amount claimed was instantly taken out of my Paypal account by Paypal, to pay the buyer if I lost the dispute.

I was asked to send all the relevant information including tracking details for the postage to Paypal , by now I had deleted all this old material, especially after the good feedback. But because I could not send enough information the case was awarded to the buyer. I lost the £85 paid for the item by the buyer , also the cost price of buying the item and just for good measure Paypal charged me costs in the case as well.To make things worse this buyer had also, since the deal, been thrown off ebay for scamming , but this was not taken into consideration either

 Please beware and get the buyer to confirm the postal address, in not confirmed and then save the email they send you with the information on. Maybe this will help someone else to avoid my problems


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