A Guide To Buying Oakley Sunglasses Here on eBay!

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My Oakley items are genuinely discounted as I make a minimal margin due to lower overheads as I don't have to run a retail store or employ staff to man it.

This guide will hopefully help you to avoid being a victim of fake Oakley sunglasses here on eBay.

1/ Oakley sunglasses , if brand new should always be supplied in a retail box, a microfibre storage/ cleaning bag, a product information sheet and a warranty registration card. If the item is being sold as brand new and there is no retail packaging ask yourself why? Retail packaging being present is by no way proof the sunglasses are genuine.

2/ The retail box should have a label displaying a barcode and the model name, frame and lens description. Make sure the box matches the sunglasses being sold.

3/ A retail box , paperwork and microfibre bag are by NO means proof the Oakley's are genuine. During the past year I have seen more and more fake Oakley sunglasses on eBay with fake retail packaging.

4/ If they appear too cheap that would be a good indication that not many people are bidding on them because many people will be aware they are fakes. As they say if it seems to good to be true it usually is.

5/ Oakley only supply direct to the authorized retailers at between 50%-60% of the RRP. This means for example a pair of Juliet that retail for £235 would of cost the retailer around £117, add on selling expenses imposed by eBay there is no way these can be sold for between £70- £90.

6/ Most sellers of Genuine Oakley sunglasses sell at a fixed price only, this usually reflects a genuine discount over the RRP whist still allowing a small honest margin to be made.

7/ Sellers of Fakes can afford to set low Buy-it-Now prices or low starting prices ( typically around £19.99 ) because they have minimal financial risk having paid between £5-£10 for thier fakes.

8/ If a seller refuses to take Paypal as payment avoid them at all costs.

9/ Often sellers of fake Oakley sunglasses use 1 day listings, typically experienced eBay seller would say a 7 day listing is proven to be more beneficial. Is the reason they are using 1 day listings so that thier fake sunglasses are not long enough on ebay to be spotted, reported and removed?

10/  Check the sellers feedbacks,  make sure there is a proven track record of selling Oakley sunglasses rather than the feedback score being built up by buying items instead of selling glasses.

11/ Ask the seller if you can collect in person, if they are selling Fake goods they will not want you to collect for fear of you spotting they are fake. Sellers with genuine Oakley will not have this problem so always ask the question.

12/ Make sure the seller is using photographs they have taken themselves of the actual product. If pictures have been taken from the internet or the Oakley website this is copyright theft but more importantly it may be because the sunglasses the seller is selling look very different to the sunglasses they claim to be selling.

13/ Sellers claiming serial number are present are either selling old Oakley's or fakes as serial number have not been used on genuine Oakley's for at least 2 years

14/ Make sure the product spec matches genuine Oakley models. If in doubt ask the seller for the product code , this will usually be a 5 digit number similar to 05-715 . This number can be simply checked on the internet to make sure it matches the item for sale. A genuine seller should always be able to supply the product code.

15/ Avoid any seller that does not clearly state the item is genuine or authentic. Avoid such words as e.g. Oakley 'Style' . Even if they state the item is genuine they can still be fakes.

16/ Some sellers will say their sunglasses are genuine and will offer a money back gaurantee if you are not satisfied. Sounds fair ? Not necessarily, these sellers might still be selling fake Oakley sunglasses but they might be playing the 'Percentage Game'.                       

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