A Guide To Lens Types And Cleaning Your Sports Eye Wear

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Lens Specifications

Polycarbonate Shatterproof Lenses

Polycarbonate lenses, the same tough material used to make windshields in racing cars. To show just how strong they are, you can even pound them with a hammer and they will not shatter. Now that's tough!

G-Tech Multi Layer Technology

G-Tech Lenses for Added Contrast and Minimal Glare You'll spot them right away. They're the lenses with the high-tech rainbow appearance. G-Tech Multi-Layer Lens Technology by Global Vision, gives you the benefits of discoveries made by aerospace engineers at NASA. You'll enjoy enhanced contrast and minimal glare, which is especially helpful around water. These high-tech lenses have from 7 to 13 layers of titanium dioxide and silica applied onto shatterproof polycarbonate. Cleaning them is easy and they are scratch resistant. Another benefit: they look cool on everyone. And like all Global Vision products, you get 100% ultraviolet protection.

Cleaning And Maintaining Your Sport's Eye Wear

How should I clean my lenses?

Always rinse off your lenses with water before wiping or cleaning. Even tiny particles can be abrasive when rubbed across the lens surface. Clean your lenses by using an eyeglass spray or just warm water and a little dishwashing liquid. Never use a liquid cleaner that contains ammonia as this will harm the UV coating. Use a soft, clean cloth to wipe the lenses. Never lay your glasses face down or they may come in contact with something that may scratch the lenses. Storing your eyeglasses in their case when they're not in use always helps to keep them clean.

What can I do about my eyewear fogging up?

Heres a few tips:

Do not overdress. Be warm, but not too warm. Take off a few layers until you are comfortable.

Snow: If it is snowing and your goggles begin to fog, check to see if the snow has clogged the vents. If they are covered, the heat cannot escape so do your best to remove the snow.

If your goggles do fog, never wipe them clean. Doing this reduces its effectiveness. Anti-fog treated lenses will heal themselves given time.

Never clean your goggles with glass cleaner.-.it removes the anti-fog coating and only use anti-fog sprays or liquids on your goggles when the factory anti-fog coating has worn off or been removed.

For eyeglass users: try putting on the goggles before leaving the indoors since this will prevent the glasses from getting cold. If snow/water gets on your glasses/goggles, blot the water droplets dry with a soft cloth. You can remove them and set them foam side down on your leg so the moisture-laden air can dissipate and the no-fog coating absorb the remaining moisture.

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