A Guide To T-Shirt Buying On Ebay

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Tees 4 Ever!

No matter how fashion changes, T-Shirts are always at the forefront. Other clothing goes in and out of style but the t-shirt remains. Yes, the style or fit may change and the slogans/pictures are different, but at the end of the day - A T-Shirt will always be a T-Shirt.

With this in mind, it is fair to say, that the demand for T-Shirts is always going to be high, and the way fashion is now, T-Shirts are not just a summer item, but part of your wardrobe all year round.

Watch Out!

As someone who was a T-Shirt buyer before a T-Shirt seller, I feel I have a well rounded opinion on what makes a good T-Shirt.

Regardless of what is on the T-Shirt (thats a separate discussion), it is quality which is important. T-Shirts are worn numerous times and for a number of different purposes. So, when you buy a T-Shirt on Ebay, you should at least know the following -

  • Quality of Garment (t-shirt quality is measured in gram weights. Don't buy anything less than 160grams in Adults or 130grams in Kids)
  • Quality of Print. Some methods of printing can fade, discolour or even come away from the garment. Our designs use a Vinyl print method which is highly durable and will not fade.
  • Size and Style Info. Knowing the size and measurements is important ie. Medium 38/40" and also if it is Skinny Fit etc. The last thing you want is a T-Shirt that doesn't fit!

Ebay T-Shirt Sellers

Selling on Ebay can be difficult, but the more information given the easier it is to sell to buyers. When selling t-shirts on Ebay, some things are even more important as since it is clothing, the shop should essentially be an online catalogue. Personally I wouldn't buy a clothing item without seeing it, so a clear, concise and above all truthful picture (ideally a digital photo) should be shown in the listings.


With all this in mind, you should have no trouble with you T-shirt purchases. So Happy Buying and Happy Wearing!


TEES 4 U TShirts - Original T-Shirt Design


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