A Guide to Buying & Collecting Amiga Games Via eBay

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Ok so just a few quick pointers to keep you happy while hunting for those Amiga games on eBay.

I'm using this space to just point out a few problems i've had as a buyer on eBay buying Amiga games. I'm going to try and help you have a trouble free experience buying Amiga games on eBay.

When you find a game you want to buy you need to ask yourself,  is the picture on the listing page a picture of the actual item you are bidding on. Beware of sellers selling games using stock photo's with little or no description. There's a lot of fake games sold as originals and its easy to stay clear of them if you just follow a few simple rules.

Only bid on a game if you can clearly see that there's a photo of the actual game on the listing page.

Check the seller's feedback to see if anyone has bought any games and mentioned fakes.

If you are un-sure about anything just email the seller and he/she will be happy to put your mind at rest.


One of the worst parts of buying Amiga games on eBay for me is the variety of packing jobs that sellers do on the games.

If i use a seller i've never used before i send a very clear email asking that the game/s be well protected for the onslaught that is the postal system. If you hand over your hard earned cash for a game and it comes wrapped in brown paper or a black bag it's safe to say that the game will not look like it did in the listing and will be damaged and scuffed and this is just not acceptable.

Basicly many seller's dont understand that these are easily damaged items and need more than paper or a bag to protect them and by emailing them when you make the payment you give them a chance to understand the situation and make suitable arrangments to packup the game properley, ie plenty of bubblewrap or 1 or 2 layers of bubblewrap and then cardboard over that.

There's also a lot of good sellers out there selling Amiga games and when you find them stick with them as you know what to expect.

I'll probably be adding to this over time i just thought i'd write this in-case it came in handy for any newbies getting into buying Amiga games.

Here's a very brief list of some good sellers selling Amiga games, these sellers all know how to protect your games for shipping:

Ok so first, of course there's me: penfold_t_mole if you need anything Amiga related get in touch..




There's plenty more good sellers out there, thats just a few off the top my head, i'll post back here in the futre to add more.


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