A Guide to Buying Farming and Agricultural Supplies

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A Guide to Buying Farming and Agricultural Supplies

No matter what size farm one works on, whether it is a small lifestyle farm with only a few animals, a large dairy farm, or a huge commercial crop farm, various farming and agricultural supplies are required to maintain crops or livestock. Supplies are specifically designed for different types of farming, helping to make running and maintaining a farm as productive as possible.

Farming and agricultural supplies can be purchased from a range of specialty agricultural stores. Some specialise in specific types of farming, while others offer a wide range of products and supplies for crop or livestock farming. Local newspapers and directories often have various farming and agricultural supplies for sale, whether new or used.

For the consumer looking to purchase farming and agricultural supplies, having some knowledge of the different types of farming and agricultural supplies available, as well as other types of equipment and implementation used for farming, and understanding the advantages and disadvantages of buying new or used supplies can help one to make an informed purchase decision.

About Farming and Agriculture

People have been farming the land and livestock for food, clothing, and other purposes since ancient times. Over the centuries, farming and agriculture has come a long way with technology and methods. Machinery has taken over the tradition horse and farmhand. Where a team of farmhands would have been required to prepare, plant, cultivate, and harvest the land, now one man and a few different machines can do the job.

Today, there are farming systems for almost all aspects of both crop and livestock farming, from irrigation and spray systems, to feeding and milking systems, and even planting and harvesting systems. As populations expand and demand increases, farming and agriculture is looking for ways to further increase productivity, and new technologies and concepts are being tried and tested all the time.

The Different Types of Farming and Agricultural Supplies

When it comes to farming and agriculture, there are a number of important farming and agricultural supplies required to keep the farm running. Although there are some general farm supplies that any farm requires, each different type of farming requires unique equipment and supplies to function properly.

Crop Farming Supplies

Common types of crop farming include corn, hay, wheat, grain, and rice. Crop farming may also include vegetable crops. This type of farming involves soil preparation, planting, crop maintenance, pest management, irrigation, and harvesting.

Apart from the implements and equipment required to maintain a crop farm, there are some basic supplies that are required. Seed supplies are needed for planting once the ground has been ploughed and prepared. To maintain healthy crops, fertilisers are used to add much needed nutrients to the ground to promote healthy crop growth. Another aspect of crop maintenance is pest management. Insecticide, herbicide, and pesticide supplies are needed. These consist of chemical solutions that are sprayed onto the crops using a variety of methods depending on the size of the area to be covered.

Livestock Farming Supplies

Livestock farming involves raising animals, such as pigs, cows, sheep, and chickens for food and supplies. Some farms raise their livestock for eating, such as cattle farms and chicken farms, while other livestock farms raise the livestock for what they supply. For example, dairy farms supply milk, and sheep farms can supply wool.

An important farming supply required for livestock is feed. Hay is used for a wide range of livestock and requires various supplies, such as hay nets and covers to keep it clean and dry. Poultry farms require large amounts of chicken feed to keep their animals in top condition. Another important aspect of livestock farming is livestock vaccine and antibiotic supplies. These ensure the health and well-being of animals throughout the different seasons and dramatically reduce the risk of infection and disease spreading through a stock.

Dairy Farming Supplies

Dairy farming requires unique supplies like milk tubes and other rubber supplies. Calf feeding equipment, dairy chemicals, and preventative medicines are other common farming and agricultural supplies required for dairy farms. Dairy farmers also require farming supplies to keep the grass well-fertilised and the cows well-fed.

General Farm Supplies

General farm supplies are those used by various different farmers, whether it is livestock farmers, crop farmers, or dairy farmers. One of the more important farming supplies almost any farm requires is farm fencing supplies. Farm fencing supplies can include electric fencing, wood posts, metal posts, wire, clamps and pliers, gates, and closures. Some types of farms require more secure fencing than others. For example, a stud farm that raises horses requires solid fencing, while a crop farm may only require a limited amount of minimal fencing.

Other general farm supplies can include equipment, such as tractors. A tractor is one of the most important pieces of equipment any farm requires. Without a tractor, it would be difficult for the farmer to get around the farm, tow supplies from one place to the other, carry heavy feed or seed bags, and lug heavy pieces of equipment around the farm. Tractors also perform necessary labour work on a farm, like field ploughing, crop spraying, land cultivating, and harvesting.

Buy New or Used Farming and Agricultural Supplies

Farming and agricultural supplies can be expensive to purchase. Although many supplies, like feed or chemicals cannot be purchased second hand and must be purchased new, some supplies and farming equipment can be purchased as used.

New Farming and Agricultural Supplies

Choosing to buy new farming supplies and equipment can often be easier than searching for the right piece of used equipment, but it does cost significantly more. New farming and agricultural supplies can give the consumer peace of mind they are buying the best for their budget. Some supplies come with warranties, which can be very useful. If budget is not an issue, purchasing new supplies may be the ideal option for some consumers.

Used Farming and Agricultural Supplies

For those who want to save some money, they can choose to buy used farming and agricultural supplies. Buying used items can mean consumers can purchase top quality branded equipment and supplies at a fraction of the cost of buying them new. With a little research, this means buyers can find great value for money. However, not all supplies can be purchased used. Many supplies do need to be purchased new. Used items like equipment, implements, and machinery can be bought at very reasonable prices.

Other Farming and Agricultural Requirements

Farming and agriculture also requires other types of equipment and implementation. Water troughs and water tanks are usually required on livestock farms, while ploughs, harrows, irrigators, and large machinery like combine harvesters are required on crop farms. Various farms, depending on their size, require different types of storage equipment for hay, grain, chemicals, and other farming implements.

Large machinery is usually made by well-known agricultural companies, such as John Deere, JCB, New Holland, and Ford. These companies are famous for producing top quality machinery for a wide range of farming and agricultural needs. Although these brands may cost more than other lesser known brands, consumers can rest assured about their quality, durability, and reliability.

How to Buy Farming and Agricultural Supplies on eBay

Finding farming and agricultural supplies on eBay is easy. Simply type "farming and agricultural supplies" into the search bar located at the top of any eBay page. If you know what type of supplies you require, you can type this into the search bar. Alternatively, you can search for your desired item using eBay's search categories.

If you are new to eBay, you may like to take advantage of eBay's useful shopping tools. eBay Mobile enables you to access your account anytime, anywhere from your mobile device. You can get alerts, read messages, keep updated on your bids, and even pay for items, all from your Smartphone or tablet. Applications are available for iPhone and iPad users, Android, Blackberry, and Windows Phone users. Simple and fast to download, mobile applications are free.

eBay also offers useful desktop applications. These allow you to get alerts and messages direct to your desktop and you can have quick access to your eBay account. Desktop applications are available for Apple Safari, Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, and Microsoft Internet Explorer users.


Any type of farm, including dairy farms, poultry farms, crop farms, orchard farms, and cattle farms, require a significant amount of farming and agricultural supplies in order to run effectively and be maintained to their optimum capabilities. Farming and agricultural supplies and equipment have undergone significant changes over the decades, with new technologies and systems being developed and introduced to increase productivity and reduce manual labour. The different types of farming supplies are designed for use on different types of farms, and consumers have the opportunity to purchase new supplies or less expensive used supplies. Each has their advantages and disadvantages.

Choosing to purchase farming and agricultural supplies on eBay enables consumers to easily find their desired items, whether new or used, from a wide range of listings. With the use of helpful shopping tools, simple search methods, reputable sellers, and secure payment methods, buyers can find exactly what they require within their desired budget.

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