A Guide to Buying Kawasaki Motorbike Parts on eBay

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A Guide to Buying Kawasaki Motorbike Parts on eBay

Kawasaki motorbikes are well-known for being one of the world's leading brands of motorcycle. Not only do Kawasaki motorbikes look amazing, they are high performance machines known for their reliability and safety features. The types of Kawasaki motorbikes available include off-road, motocross, cruisers, sport, fun bikes, and learner-approved models.There are a variety of Kawasaki motorbikes available, and thousands of Kawasaki motorbike parts.

eBay's simple to use search engine makes it easy to find Kawasaki motorbike parts at affordable prices. Prior to searching for any motorbike parts, the buyer should have a list handy of the all the parts required. The buyer also needs to consider whether to buy brand new parts or used parts. There is also the option of aftermarket parts to consider. With the extensive number of listings for Kawasaki motorbike parts available on eBay, finding the required motorbike park can be accomplished quickly and easily.

How to Get Started

Particular Kawasaki parts can be a little tricky to source at times. However, whether one is looking for just one replacement part or restoring an older series Kawasaki, the whole process is a lot easier if the buyer has done their homework.

Replacement, Restoration, or Customisation?

Parts for an older series motorbike can be harder to find and the prices may be higher, too. But eBay brings together parts dealers and Kawasaki enthusiasts from across Britain in one location where they can buy and sell parts and share knowledge. When considering the parts to buy, the buyer needs to either purchase original manufacturer parts to fit a particular model or series of bike, or, and only if the buyer has the know-how to do it, customise their bike using original or aftermarket replacement parts. However, buyers should be prepared to redefine angles, measure new heights, and ensure proper alignment when looking to customise a Kawasaki motorbike. These modifications are to ensure the motorbike frame is capable of handling the stress of any changes that are made.

Creating a Shopping List

When repairing or restoring a Kawasaki motorbike, there are three things a buyer needs to do in order to create a shopping list for the necessary bike parts. The first step is to acquire a full rip-down manual. Every motorbike has one of these manuals and it is critical to have it on hand when disassembling the motorbike. Second, the buyer needs to a detailed inventory of every part, and then list those parts that need replacing. Finally, the buyer needs to do proper research on the parts required, this includes recording all the part numbers for every item that needs to be replaced. In addition to the rip-down manual, online catalogues can be used to obtain these numbers and approximate costs for the motorbike parts required.

Learn the Meanings of Some Important Terms

When entering keywords into the search bar at the top of any page on eBay, use the specific terminology that is often used to describe the condition of motorbike parts. It important to know these terms, as sellers do use them when they write up the item descriptions for the parts they sell.

Type of Part



'New Old Stock'; parts made by the original manufacturer to the original specifications and standards


Parts manufactured by a third party


Parts from an old motorbike

It is important to remember that aftermarket parts may not fit the motorbike as well as NOS parts, and that any used parts do need to be checked carefully for quality prior to buying them. Many parts such as gaskets and bolts suffer greatly due to wear and tear over time. If repairing a bike, a buyer should steer clear of used gaskets and bolts and rather spend the money on new and NOS gaskets and bolts.

Looking for Kawasaki Motorbike Parts on eBay

To start searching for specific Kawasaki motorbike parts on eBay, the buyer simply needs to type the keywords pertaining to the part the buyer is looking for into the search bar at the top of eBay's home page. Commonly purchased Kawasaki motorbike parts include back tires, brake levers, brake pedals, chains, clutch levers, disc brakes, drum brakes, and engines. However, other parts such as gas tanks, gear shifts, rearview mirrors, and taillight assemblies are also listed on eBay.

For instance, if the buyer is looking for a carburettor for his Kawasaki motorbike, he types in 'Kawasaki carburettor' into the search bar and hits the 'Send' button. This action prompts the local search engine to pull out all the current listings for that part. Of course, such a generic search phrase generates a few thousand results. These results need to be sorted.

Sorting through all the results is not a difficult exercise. On the results page is a series of filters that the buyer can use to narrow down the choices. For instance, if the buyer knows what series of motorcycle he has, he simply uses the appropriate search filter to sort the listings based on the model or series.

Model or Series

The easiest way to whittle down the research results for bike parts is to specify the series or model. If the carburettor is intended for an A series, the buyer simply selects 'A' from the available choices.


A seller can either list the item at a list price, or they can specify that the buyer participate in an auction. If the list price is listed, the buyer can specify a price range, so that the buyer only sees listings for parts that fit his budget. By specifying the price, this can substantially reduce the number of listings that the buyer needs to browse through, as the search engine removes any listings that do not fit into the buyer's budget.


The condition filter allows the seller to sort the listings based on whether the part is new, used, or 'not specified'. If the item's condition has not been specified the buyer should still look through those listings so as not to miss out on any deals. When considering used items, the buyer should examine the photos attached to the listing very carefully. The buyer should look for obvious signs of corrosion, or any parts that are described as 'non-functioning'.

Location and Distance

The 'Distance' filter is used to search for listings by sellers residing within certain areas. For instance, the buyer can choose to search listings within the U.K. with the location filter, and simultaneously search for those sellers only within a certain distance from the buyer's postcode. This filter can be quite handy if the seller would like to pick the part up rather than pay shipping charges. The buyer simply enters the specific information into the filter on the results page and only those listings posted by local sellers appear on the result page.

The Seller

eBay listings can be filtered to only show listings by eBay Top-rated sellers. A Top-Rated seller is a seller who has successfully completed all sales in accordance with eBay's rules and and has scored high ratings for their customer service and the quality of their merchandise. Buyers often find that eBay Top-rated Sellers are often the most knowledgeable about the items they sell, and so can help out with any questions buyers may have.

The buyer should be sure to carefully read the item listing for all the vital details about a particular part. If the listings is missing any vital specification or if the photos are not very clear, the buyer should reach out to the seller. The buyer simply goes to seller's member profile and clicks on their contact link to ask any questions the buyer may have. These could include requests for close-up photos or photos from other angles.


When the owner of a Kawasaki bike or a Kawasaki enthusiast requires Kawasaki motorbike part for their machine, the best place to go is eBay. This massive online marketplace has extensive listings for all types of motorbike parts. The site has a simple to use search engine that allows the user to sort the thousands of listings based on the type of part, the series of Kawasaki motorbike, specific manufacturers, as well as new or used parts.

Prior to buying any parts, the buyer should be sure to create a shopping list of the all parts required. The buyer also needs to consider whether new, used, or aftermarket parts are the best option, and determine the price range based on what the buyer can afford. The advice is always to buy the best parts that one can afford and steer clear of used items like bolts and gaskets that encounter the most wear.

Employing various search filters, it is easy enough for a buyer to narrow down the extensive listings to a more manageable number and find the exact part required. Navigating eBay is extremely easy, and with the number of available search features, eBay makes it possible to find the correct Kawasaki motorbike part without the headache of having to go from shop to shop or make numerous phone calls.

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