A Guide to Buying Used mens clothing (vintage)

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Buy stuff from our shop. Simples.
No but seriously! - Browse alot, keep checking the bay, look out for the top sellers and check their feedback, an alarming pattern of comments regarding authenticity or bad condition should set alarm bells ringing. Its probably best to steer clear.
Not to say a low feedback seller is not genuine, - dont  be shy to ask for more photos or ask questions, especially if the photographs are bad! Lets face it you wont get a genuine Fila Borg or a pair of mint 80's Trimm Trab for a fiver - not anymore.
Alot of people never use the filters at the side, and some that do still dont often see the "completed listings" tab, by using this you can search for your desired item amongst finished auctions. This helps you get an idea as to how much to expect to pay, and if these items are desirable. You can even check sellers completed auctions. This way you could tell what they have sold which along with their feedback can give you invaluable insight into the items authenticity/condition.
Top rated sellers are often expensive, but do give very accurate descriptions and invariably can be 100% trusted, you may end up paying a premium though, as others will equally trust them.
Check SHOPS! I cannot stress this enough, not just because WE have a shop, but because shop inventory is in my experience the best place to aquire stuff on Ebay.
Most sellers operate an almost "reverse auction" scenario, where they list items at a "buy it now or best offer" rather than starting at a low opening price. What buyers often do not take advantage of is the "best offer" option, - give it a go! you might get a £50 item for a fiver if the seller wants rid!
I hope this guide helps someone. Ive been Lom74 - its been emotional.
Lom74 - Bringing the past to you.
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