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FYI Mistress Organic Dark Chocolate Bar

Where do I begin? I guess it all started when I was playing a PC game called Chocolatier 2 and some of the recipes in it included chocolate and chilli, so I thought: "I should really taste that." I knew that Lindt make such chocolate bars and actually found them on Ebay only and was about to buy them but then changed my mind when I found a more exciting product. If love is compared to the taste of chocolate, and taking drugs is compared to orgasm, then how on earth can we find sweet enough words to describe a combination of the most celebrated joys on earth; sex and chocolate? I ate one piece of this bar and kept daydreaming for three hours, but let's get to work.

Appearance: The packaging is somewhat different and gives you the feel of something that is actually handmade with care and elegance. It's a black cardboard made somewhat like an envelop or a purse in which the chocolate bar is in, and it is closed by a lovely red and green ribbon. The black cardboard cover is contrasted with the white and red writing, and the picture of the three main ingredients (chili + cocoa nibs + acai) with the chili as the dominating mistress. Inside, the chocolate bar is also covered with a transparent plastic bag.

The chocolate bar is divided into 24 pieces and it is of a slightly shining dark brown color. It is somewhat hard to break this bar by hand despite its being divided as I mentioned. But, when you break it you begin to see the tiny pieces of cocoa nibs and acai on the sides of each piece.

Feel: It is smooth on the surface, for the bits are within, but it melts quickly on the hand without leaving any sticky residue.

Smell: I wouldn't call the smell sweet, but it is still very sexy in a strange way. The strong smell of the cocoa beans is the most dominant one, but the chili is also there to make the scent truly magnificent.

Taste: Where do I begin? I put a piece of chocolate in my mouth and sucked on it, and I advise you to eat it this way to elongate the experience. What I felt exactly is the wonderful taste of dark chocolate combined with a burning in the mouth from the truly hot chili. As you suck it more the tiny crunchy pieces start coming out of it so that you enjoy biting them. What a wonderful experience!

Ingredients: The chocolate bar has 73% cocoa solids, organic cocoa nibs, organic acai, organic chili, in addition to sugar and vanilla. I read about the açaí palm that it grows in tropical Central and South America and has an antioxidant value. The cocoa nibs for those of you who don't know, and the PC game Chocolatier 2 comes in handy here, are the latest craze and they are simply peeled cocoa beans (which are also high in antioxidants). So, what I'm saying here basically is that you will be enjoying a very delicious chocolate bar that is organic and good for you at the same time. The good news does not end here; it also has 546 calories and you won't be able to eat it all, one small piece is enough at a time and the taste would linger in your mouth and give you hours of happy daydreams.

Overall Rating: I have always hated dark chocolate, but this chocolate bar changed my opinion. Let me write the description of the chocolate bar for you:

"This forbidden secret is pushing boundary's as hunger rages, demanding you to reveal that hidden darker side. Sensuous yet rich, this chocolate is whispering sighs you're not in control, you come alive awaking to an overall experience that you wish to try again! Again! And again!"

Oh, yes, be prepared, for you will not be in control with this chocolate, but who cares, the experience is truly orgasmic. I definitely give it 10/10.

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