A Guide to lighting your garden

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Outdoor lighting makes your home safer and more secure by providing necessary illumination for walkways, steps and entrances.

The use of outdoor lighting, in conjunction with timers and PIR photo cells, can add even more peace-of-mind by providing a lived-in look while you're away from home and ensuring the area around the house is well-lit when you arrive home after dark:

The most common type of outdoor fixture is a brass wall lantern, although materials such as cast aluminum have gained popularity because they are rust-resistant.

Generally, a light mounted to one side of every exterior door is the minimum lighting needed for the outside of a house. Try including a lantern or other wall fixture on both sides of the door and a pendant or a post light near driveways and walkways.

For investment, grounds which are dramatically lit at night look like a luxurious estate, increasing the resale value of your property.

Create a lighting plan by choosing one or two points of interest and make this the centerpiece of your landscape lighting display. Build the rest of your lighting plan around your focal point:

For both security and safety, light up steps, driveways, walkways and grounds with post lanterns and tier lights.

Enhance the ambiance of your property at night with low-voltage landscape lighting of trees, shrubs and flowers.

Low-voltage lighting uses only 12 volts of electricity and is safe to install.

Floodlighting is a versatile technique for illuminating a wide range of features. Use floodlights to illuminate walls, garden ponds or gazebos.

Use path lighting to illuminate the areas where people walk or drive. This lighting makes a path attractive and safe.

Uplighting adds visual interest to objects, such as trees, bushes, statues and fountains.

Wall lighting is designed to be incorporated into a wall bordering a building, pool or walkway area for added visibility.

Use silhouetting to provide dramatic effects on a broad surface, like a wall or behind a landscape feature, such as bushes.

Unique landscape features, such as sculptures and shaped shrubbery, can be highlighted using spotlights. A sequence of spotlights can create an interesting mosaic of colors and textures.

For maximum light output, light fixtures should not be covered by foliage, tree branches or bushes. Check the fixtures periodically to see if nearby foliage needs pruning.

For maximum safety, lights and cables should be installed at least 5' from the edge of a swimming pool.

Remember to regularly clean the lenses and fixtures of your landscape lighting. Also, take the time to readjust ground level fixtures if needed.

Outdoor Utility Lights

Always select a lighting alternative that provides the right amount of lighting needed for an area. For complete protection, mount your lights so that the coverage areas overlap:

For safety and security, always light up steps, driveways, walkways and yards with floodlighting.

Consider using quartz halogen motion lighting or floodlighting to save energy.

For maximum safety always turn off the power before servicing your light fixtures.

Always be sure to read all instruction manuals carefully before attempting installation of any light fixture.

Using motion-activated lighting will ensure that front and rear entrances to your home are secure. Motion lights will welcome guests and startle intruders.

For added security, choose a motion light with an indoor alarm module so that you know what's going on outside.

Choose a motion detector light with a sensor that best suits your needs. A sensor with a broad range of coverage would be better suited to a yard than to an entrance.

Because heat from light bulbs can cause false triggering, be sure not to position them too close to the motion detector. Trees, swimming pools and other reflective surfaces can also cause false triggering.

Since motion detectors and utility lighting come in a wide variety of shapes and sizes, it's easy to choose fixtures that are well-suited for your home.

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