A Guide to packing Lladro for posting - good packing

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Part 2 of 2 guides on this subject - I have split because eBay only allows 10 photos per guide.

Please ensure you have read Part 1.....

Now for some examples of really good packing.

Firstly a purchase from a quality supplier on eBay premierpottery

Photo 1- A good size sturdy box, well taped with “Fragile” tape, you can see box got slightly wet on the day of delivery which was no problem.
Photo 2 - The box was filled with good quality polystyrene chips.
Photo 3 - The bubble wrapped figurine was found in the centre of the polystyrene chips.
Photo 4 - A perfect undamaged figure.    

Secondly, a purchase from another quality supplier on eBay powertools.etc

Photo 1 - A good strong box.
Photo 2 - The box was stuffed with plenty of paper which was good enough to hold the figure in the centre of the box.
Photo 3 - The figure was well bubble wrapped; expanded polystyrene has been cut and used to hold the figure in the centre of the box. The seller had even constructed a polystyrene base for the figure to offer even more protection and support.
Photo 4 - A perfect undamaged piece.

I hope these examples have given you plenty ideas of good and bad packing.

An additional word of warning – I have seen some eBay sellers who say they will not take responsibility for the transit of their items. They will say things like, they will support the seller in a claim. Claiming on insurance doesn’t work like that – the seller has to make the claim. Do not buy from any seller that negates their responsibility for customer service.

Top Tips:-
1.    Use a good sturdy large box and use plenty of quality filling, preferably polystyrene chips.
2.    If using the older type of original Lladro box make sure the figure is secured using the cardboard and tape, then fill with tissue paper (or another suitable soft filler). Make sure the piece can’t move.
3.    If you have no box make sure the figure is well wrapped in bubble wrap and that this is taped.
4.    Ensure the original Lladro box or wrapped figure is in the in the centre of the bigger box. If possible use expanded polystyrene to hold it in the centre.
5.    Test for any movement within the inner and outer boxes.
6.    Only post the item if you feel 100% confident it will protect the figure.
7.    Remember a small box (like a shoe box) is absolutely of no use. Small boxes will be thrown around, like passing a rugby ball – think of bigger boxes, they don’t tend to be thrown around so often and are more likely to be picked up and placed.
8.    Make sure that there is insurance on transit of the item.
9.    Don’t buy from any seller who says they will not take responsibility for the safe transit of an item or suggests that any claim will be for the buyer to pursue.
10.  Let a seller know if think their packing wasn’t good, even if the figure survives the journey.
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