A Hydroponic Garden Indoor: A Simple Guide

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A Hydroponic Garden Indoor: A Simple Guide

A hydroponic garden indoor is becoming a very popular method of growing vegetables all year around. In today’s post we’ll be giving your some expert tips and tricks to help with your indoor garden using hydroponics.

What does Hydroponic Mean?

The simplest way we can describe it is like this:  growing plants without soil. It may sound crazy right because after all where do they get their nutrients from?

Actually water is where they suck up their nutrients and it’s much easier for those little plants because it requires less energy!

Why are Hydroponic Indoor Gardens Easier?

A hydroponic garden indoor is much easier to maintain mainly because the following are easier to control:

PH levels


Hydroponic Indoor Gardens use Different Methods but which is the Best One?

That all depends upon preference and it’s wise to try a combination of all methods to see what way works for you best. Let’s look at the different hydroponic methods here:



This is known to be the simplest method to use. A passive method means you can decide when and how much nutrient the plants will receive.

For example, hydroponic solutions such as the Wick system  uses Styrofoam trays filled with plants and growing medium and they float on top of the nutrient solution. The roots then absorb as needed.


Float and Drain

Hydroponic gardening uses this effective method because it’s easy. Trays or pots are flooded with nutrients and the left overs drains back into a reservoir tank.

This method however need a little more knowledge as a pump is used and the correct amount of nutrient level solution needs to be maintained to stop the pump becoming dry.



This is more of an advanced hydroponic method because is requires pump and a timer.

This method means that the pump is controlled by a timer and the nutrients are dripped onto each of the plants.

Recovery collects the excess nutrients
Non-recover does not collect the excess nutrients

A hydroponic indoor garden means you’ll be able to have a clean all year round garden producing a higher yield of strong vegetables and plants.
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