A Mans Guide to Buying Dungarees

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A Man's Guide to Buying Dungarees

There are many different kinds of dungarees available from various retail and online stores, including eBay. There are those designed especially for work and those with style firmly in mind. Dungarees may be overalls, coveralls, or even jeans, but of those made especially for manual work, there are appropriate dungarees to suit every job. There are those for lumberjacks, tradespeople, or freezer workers; as well as those for road workers, miners, or those who work in oil refineries. Each style serves its own purpose so the customer need only consider his personal requirements, after taking into account that different industries have their own requirements regarding suitable attire.

The prospective buyer must do some research, however, before purchasing a pair online, such as checking the return and refund policies of each manufacturer before making a decision. eBay contains many listings of various styles to suit a wide range of trades and occupations, or even to achieve a desired look. There are several factors that a man should consider when buying dungarees, including their job suitability, usefulness, and how to obtain a proper fit.

Job Suitability of Dungarees

As a clothing item, dungarees take on many forms according to their intended purpose. It may be easy for those who are buying a new pair to replace an old one, but not necessarily so for the first-timer. Nevertheless, safety needs to be the first consideration for anyone buying a pair of dungarees for work. Does the item provide the needed protection to a man?

A roads worker is probably going to want their dungarees to be waterproof. This includes a high-visibility jacket and pants. Given that it’s a profession with constant exposure to the elements, the garment also needs highly insulative qualities. Someone who works with petroleum or chemicals is going to need dungarees to contain flame retardant properties and, again, be waterproof. Modern heavy-duty dungarees are relatively lightweight and flexible, as they must not limit range of movement or agility. A tradesperson, such as a builder or an electrician, can most likely find a pair of denim overalls to be adequate, whereas a plumber may want something a bit more heavy duty that contains sleeves.

The dungaree, however, is not always strictly work gear but a fashion item also, and some people wear them for this purpose only. In this case, it is all about the way they make the consumer look and feel that is important. Do they flatter, or make the wearer look frumpy? This comes down to a customer choosing a pair that suits their body type. For example, a customer wants to avoid baggy, loose-fitting dungarees if they have an ectomorph body type, which means tall and slim with long, thin limbs.

Measuring Dungarees

All work dungarees need to be particularly comfortable because of the long hours spent in them each week. Therefore, trying on a pair is not simply a case of slipping them on and off again. The heavy duty nature of the garments demand a reasonable time be spent moving around in them, to ensure they do not cause problems later. Denim dungarees soften with wear and washes, but some other varieties take considerably longer, or may hardly alter at all.

Dungarees are designed to be worn over regular clothing, so measurements should always be taken whilst the customer is wearing their regular clothing. Various manufacturers size their garments differently, so it is important to understand these differences to avoid sizing errors. To overcome some of these size discrepancies, it is essential for a consistent good fit that a customer knows their own measurements.

Manufacturers of the popular bib and brace overall type for instance, generally fit the garment primarily according to waist and inside leg measurements. Other manufacturers fit their garments according to chest measurements. If buying dungarees online or at a brick and mortar retailer, a man should take care to ensure he is ordering from a reputable company.

Fitting a pair of coveralls on the other hand, requires more measurements, as the whole body needs to be fitted. Below is an example of a thoroughgoing measure-up for a pair of coveralls. It is important to bear in mind that fitting these garments requires the assistance of a second person, who should hold the tape measure taut when measuring.

Upper Body Coverall Measurements

To receive accurate coverall measurements of the upper body, follow these procedures. The arms are fitted first. The customer stands with his back to the person measuring, and holds an arm out at his side, at 90 degrees. The measurer takes a reading from the centre of the neck base to the wrist, via the elbow. Second, the wrists are measured by holding the end of the tape measure at one point of the wrist and wrapping around until it meets. Third, the chest is measured by holding the tape measure from one armpit to the other, then doubling the reading given, or by holding the end of the tape measure at one armpit and wrapping it around the torso under the other armpit until it meets. Fourth, the neck measurement is taken by wrapping the tape measure from the base of the neck around until it meets. Fifth, the shoulders are measured by taking the tape measure from the base of the neck to one armpit, then repeating the procedure to the other armpit. Finally, back measurements are taken by measuring from armpit to armpit, about 23 cm below the base of the neck.

Middle Body Coverall Measurements

The middle body consists of the waist, hips, and thighs of a man. To receive an accurate measurement of these areas, perform the following procedures. First, the waist is measured by taking the tape measure from the top of one hip to the other and doubling the reading, or by wrapping it around until it meets at the hip. Second, the hip circumference is taken by holding the tape measure at one hip and wrapping it around the body over the largest portion of the buttocks until it meets at the hip. Finally, the thighs are measured by taking the reading around the widest point at the top of the thigh.

Lower Body Coverall Measurements

A man’s lower body consists of his legs and ankles. These measurements determine how long or short the pant legs need to be. Leg measurements are taken in three stages. First, from the top of the thigh to the middle of the kneecap gives the correct measurement for the upper leg. Second, the lower leg is measured from the middle of the kneecap to just below the ankle. Finally, the inside leg is measured by taking the end of the tape measure from just below the crotch to just below the ankle.

The customer needs to take the time to carry out these measurements carefully and with the necessary assistance, particularly if ordering online.

Choosing the Right Size

Once a customer has determined their measurements, they need to choose a corresponding size. Of course, clothing sizes are not compartmentalised for each part of the body, so the customer needs to understand which size category into which he fits.

How to Buy Mens’ Dungarees on eBay

Purchasing dungarees on eBay can be made hassle-free by following a few simple steps. After joining eBay, you can search for dungarees by using keywords, or by searching the category listings. The more specific your search terms, the more focused your search results are. For instance, typing “men’s dungarees” populates many different types and sizes. However, inputting “men’s large coveralls” narrows the search results. Upon finding a pair that interests you, carefully examine all relevant information provided on the seller’s page. You should give special attention to postage and payments, as well as the returns and refunds policies. Check thoroughly before deciding to buy, and look out for a top-rated seller icon that can be found on the seller’s page. This includes a percentage of positive feedback, which can help you to determine your preferred seller.

After checking several other listings for comparisons, make your selection. Make your payment according to the agreed payment method. After your dungarees have been delivered, leave feedback of your buying experience from this seller.


Regardless of a buyer’s particular dungaree needs, eBay has a good assortment well worth checking prior to the brick and mortar stores. Buying a pair from such stores may take the stress out of finding a good fit, but the accompanying price tag may be quite a deterrent. On the other hand, purchasing clothes online can be daunting for those who have never done so. These days, a customer can purchase his dungarees as comfortably online as via the traditional method. Becoming comfortable with it, however, does require some openness to this particularly convenient way of shopping.

Carefully choosing a pair of dungarees from eBay can be fun and easy, as well as a good way to save money. When a man carefully thinks through his own work requirements, and pays attention to details during the selecting and purchasing process, he can expect his dungaree buying experience to be a positive one.

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