A Motorbikers Guide to Shopping for Mens Trousers

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A Motorbiker's Guide to Shopping for Men's Trousers

Most motorbikers know that it is important to protect their head and spine, but do not always think to take precautions for their legs. While helmets are important, choosing the right pair of trousers also helps to protect the biker in the event of an accident. Some men prefer trousers that are specially designed to protect them on motorcycles or motorbikes, while other men prefer to wear jeans, leather pants, or chaps.

Men's motorbike trousers are purchased in brick and mortar stores, or online using eBay. eBay offers an extensive selection of men's basic trousers, as well as motorbiker's trousers, in many sizes and styles. For those who prefer the look of regular trousers, there are motorbiker's trousers designed to look like standard jeans, or pants that offer added protection to the rider. When shopping for men's motorbike trousers, buyers should understand the which trousers are the most protective and determine the correct fit before making a purchase of any kind.

Types of Men's Motorbiker Trousers

Motorbikers either wear special motorbike trousers, or regular trousers when riding. Although motorbike trousers are typically the safest option, other types of trousers provide some protection to the rider in case of an accident.


Jeans are a type of men's trousers that are commonly worn while riding. Jeans are pants made of denim, which is a thick material made to last and resist stress. Since most people own jeans, they are a convenient, inexpensive option for riding. On the downside, jeans only offer moderate protection during an accident. When wearing jeans as the only form of protection, it is important to make sure the denim is thick enough to be extremely durable and resist abrasion. Also, jeans offer minimal protection against the elements, including wind and rain. Denim is extremely absorbent and tends to stay wet for a while, which is uncomfortable for the rider. Rain pants are recommended to put over jeans in case of rain or snow.


Many people choose to wear chaps when riding. Chaps are cut out pants worn over jeans or other trousers and are usually made of leather, or another abrasion resistant material. Unlike jeans, chaps protect the riders legs against road rash. Chaps, however, do not offer much protection in the event of an accident. Though they are more protective than jeans, they do not fully cover the rider in the event of a fall. Many chaps are leather or similar material, which is not waterproof and does not protect against harsh weather conditions.

Leather Pants

Leather pants are one of the most protective types of regular men's trousers. Leather is strong and abrasion resistant in order to keep the rider protected. Oftentimes, leather pants are worn over another layer of trousers, such as jeans, which gives the rider an additional layer of protection. The downside to leather is that it is usually expensive, and it is not the most breathable or flexible material, which may get too warm during warmer months. In addition, leather is not waterproof, and may shrink when wet.

Rain Pants

Rain pants are lightweight pants made to slip over other trousers to protect the rider against wind and rain. They are made with a waterproof material made to keep the rider warm and dry. Many people choose to carry rain pants with them when riding in case of rain or snow. Rain pants are not made to protect riders during a crash, so it is recommended that riders wear protective trousers underneath the rain pants.

Motorbike Trousers

Motorbike trousers are made to be worn alone or to go over pants to give the protection of leather pants without the expensive price tag. Motorbike trousers are usually made of a water resistant nylon and feature padding and other helpful functions made for riding. Motorbike trousers are usually the most protective pants for motorbikers. Before choosing motorbike trousers, it is important to know what to look for when finding the right pair.

What to Look for When Choosing Motorbike Trousers

Many riders choose motorbike trousers since they offer more protection than standard trousers. Some styles of motorbike trousers are made to look like standard jeans or leather pants, while others are made of waterproof material that protects against the elements. Understanding the different considerations for choosing motorbike trousers helps the buyer to reach an informed decision.


Most motorbike trousers are specially made for sitting for long periods of time. Unlike regular pants, motorbike trousers have extra room in the knees to give the rider extra room when seated. Some trousers also contain additional padding around the waist and knees for additional comfort. Choosing the proper fit of motorbike trousers is essential for the pants to be comfortable. If the motorbike trousers are uncomfortable, the rider is less likely to wear them, and is therefore more prone to injury.

Motorbike Trouser Material

Motorbiker trousers come in many different types of materials, depending on the style of the pants. Standard motorbike trousers are typically made of cordura, which is a type of strong nylon made to protect the rider. Condura is extremely tough and resistant to abrasion. When choosing pants made of cordura, it is important to choose a strength around 500 denier, or 1000 units.

Cordura is water resistant but not completely waterproof. Waterproof motorbike trousers must have an inner seal material to protect against rain. Leather and jean are other materials commonly used in motorbike trousers, and give the look of regular pants. The downside to leather and jean motorbike pants is that they are not waterproof, so the rider must wear rain motorbike pants when riding in the rain or other harsh conditions.

Motorbike Trousers Waist Design

It is important for motorbike trousers to fit the wearer snugly around the waist. Many motorbike trousers feature a mechanism for the pants to tighten around the waist. Velcro, belts, or buttons, are the most secure types of closures, to ensure the pants stay up in order to properly keep the rider warm. Elastic waist designs are not recommended because they allow the pants to slip down. Many motorbike trousers feature an area that expands when the rider sits down for a comfortable ride.

Men's Motorbiker's Trouser Fit

Since motorbike trousers fit slightly differently than standard pants, there are some things buyers should keep in mind when choosing a size. When choosing men's motorbike trousers, the first step is to measure the waist to find the right size.

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Finding the right length is also important when choosing motorbike pants to ensure the pants do not snag or get caught on the bike while riding. Many trousers have different length options for proper fit. To find the correct length, buyers should measure the length of the leg. However, length is less important than the waist size, since the pants can easily hemmed to the correct length. Motorbike pants should be long enough to touch the top of the shoe or boot, even when the knee is bent.

How to Purchase Men's Motorbike Trousers on eBay

After understanding the different options for riding pants and measuring for proper fit, you are ready to begin your search. Whether you decide to go with regular pants for riding, or protective motorbike trousers, eBay has a wide variety of sizes and styles, making it easy to find exactly what you are looking for. To begin your search, you can start with the use of keywords on any eBay page. If you know the type of motorbike trousers you are looking for, you can search the specific type, such as 'rain pants'. To browse a wider variety of options and styles, you can search a broader term, such as 'motorbike trousers'.

eBay also makes it easy to narrow results to meet your buying needs. Setting a price maximum ensures you do not waste time searching through options outside of your price range, which makes it easy to stay within your budget. Also, results can be narrowed by size or material. With the large selection on eBay, you can find the perfect pair of motorbiker's trousers from the comfort of your own home.


Being protected while riding is one of the most important precautions riders take to avoid injury. While most people focus only on the protection of the head and spine with helmets, protecting the rest of the body is equally as important. Motorbike trousers protect the lower body including the bottom, knees, and shins in the event of a fall or accident. While some people prefer to wear regular trousers, they only offer minimal to moderate protection, potentially putting the rider at risk.

Before riding in new pants, it is important to try them on to ensure they fit properly. Pants should fit snugly around the waist, and end just above the shoe when the knee is bent. Jeans, chaps, and leather pants are all moderately protective trousers, but do not protect against rain or other harsh riding conditions. Not only do motorbike trousers protect the rider from injury, they protect the rider from road rash as well as unexpected weather conditions. Motorbike trousers are a small investment for a lot of protection when riding through the local scenery.

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