A Review of Mini Garden Lights

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I have recently purchased on eBay a set of 30 Mini Garden Lights from "Lordsnor" (also available from other sellers) and I must say that they are brilliant. (Please excuse the pun)

I haven't had chance to set them up on my G gauge garden railway yet as this is being rebuilt, but of course I tested them when they arrived and was pleasantly surprised by the soft yellow glow that the L.E.D.s emitted, similar to those available for lighting coaches and buildings etc.

I have to say that at first glance, their chunky appearance and opaque glass may not appeal to the scale purists amongst you, but as each unit can be totally dismantled, it would be quite simple for an experienced modeller to redesign them. I'll come to the dimensions later.

The first thing that struck me about the lights was the length of cable, about 37 inches, just under a metre between each lamp! (If like me you have bought electric candles for a Christmas tree to discover that there is only 8 inches, 200mm. between each candle, you will know how disappointing it is.)  There is also what appears to be about 10 metres of feed cable from the mains adapter to the first lamp.They are wired in parallel in a string. (Not in a loop) so this gives a total length of 40metres including feed.

The mains adapter has an output of 24volts, 6watts and so an extension could be inserted for example to light two separate stations. Although this would invalidate any guarantees.

The dimensions are as follows: (Please refer to the picture of the product on eBay)

Tapered square lamp: 19mm. up to 22mm. wide with a 28mm. square cap on top. Height of lamp is 35mm. including the cap. The "glass" or light emitting area is 12mm. up to 14mm. wide by 20mm. high including a fancy design at the top.

The pole is 10mm. diameter and 85mm. long so the height of the streetlamp is 120mm.

The stake is 105mm. long, of which 75mm. is tapered to fit into the ground. The stake overlaps the pole by 30mm. Total length/height of unit 195mm. including stake.

As previously mentioned, each unit can be totally dismantled and so the possibilities for redesigning (by a careful modeller) are endless. The streetlamp parts can be removed to place the light in a building for instance in the middle of a run. A narrower and longer pole could be fitted. The opaque glass could be removed and the lamp corners could be made thinner etc. to make a very nice set of streetlamps at a very reasonable price.

Even if you don't do any of the above, they still look nice as quaint streetlamps and would also look great in your garden, or on your railway at Christmas.

Oops did I mention Christmas!

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