A SELLERS DISPUTE - important for sellers!

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A sellers dispute

Hello, i would like to inform all ebay sellers that there really is no hope on ebay anymore.

i recently had some woman purchase a top from me, i contacted her several times to request payment.

so after some time had passed, i opened a unpaid item dispute. she contacted me straightaway then to say she did not want the item, and did not even apologise. i said this was unacceptable as she had agreed to a contract to purchase. then she went off on one, as some types of people tend to do.

but this seems to be nothing to ebay.

so after some thought, i decided that the best way to stop buyers like this on ebay would to give them a unpaid strike. then thats where it went wrong. the ebay is feedback system is a complete joke these days. the buyer left NEGATIVE feedback for me. I appealed for it and ebay said they could not remove it. i couldn't even leave them negative feedback.... surely this needs to be rethought?

so to recap, if you open a unpaid strike on a ebay member to purchases an item from you and agrees to pay when clicks the commit button. well it doesn't do anything. because even if they refuse to pay, or they don't respond. then they can leave you whatever feedback they like.

I thought, in think i remember reading that they cannot leave feedback for unpaid item disputes, as the TIT FOR DISPUTE feedback can be given.

i will appeal to this and take this as far as possible for my own justice.

If you agree with me, then click yes below. Lets make this Public knowledge - and hopefully ebay will finally take some notice.

Thank you for reading this.

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