A Short Guide to Buying Trials and Motocross Bike Parts

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A Short Guide to Buying Trials and Motocross Bike Parts for Your Specific Bike

Trials and motocross bikes are high performance machines that can be tuned and customised to match the rider's specifications. Parts can be purchased to enhance or alter nearly every facet of a bike, and buyers can choose items to help them achieve greater speed, handling, and other measures of bike performance. In all cases, it is important that the parts chosen match the motorcycle. Research compatibility to be sure a part fits properly, and read product reviews to find the best items on the market. 

Begin shopping by considering the many types of parts available. Tyres are one of the most important purchases a rider can make, and greatly affect speed and handling. Look for tyres designed for sand or mud, hard pack, or street riding. Engine components can also be purchased to repair, replace, or upgrade a bike, and buyers can choose several items to enhance the appearance of their machine.

Motorcycle parts for trials and motocross can be purchased from auto part stores, specialty retailers, and online sellers. Many websites are devoted to products for trials and motocross riders, and have parts for nearly every bike available. Marketplaces like eBay also have a high number of listings, and can be used to quickly browse a broad selection of items. The high availability of parts makes it easy to find the best items to enhance the performance of a bike for trials or motocross.

Choosing Bike Parts

Trials and motocross bike parts are available for every bike on the market. They can be used to modify an engine, improve braking, customise the body and frame, or simply replace and repair existing parts. Begin shopping by learning about some of the specific items available.


Tyres are one of the most important purchases any rider can make. These can be found in styles suited for hard pack, mud and sand, soft terrain, and streets. Tyres for sand and mud have deep, widely spaced treads to help the wheels dig into the ground. Tyres for solid surfaces have tighter, shallower treads for fast acceleration. It is best to avoid using sand and mud tyres on hard surfaces, especially concrete, as it can wear the tread down very quickly.

Tyre Size

Tyres are created in different sizes. The size of a tyre is listed in a metric designation, and appears as three numbers on the sidewall of a tyre. For example, a product may read "110/80x19." The first number in this series is the width of the tyre in millimeters. The second number is the aspect ratio of the tyre's width and height. In this case, the 80 means the tyre is 80 per cent as tall as it is wide. 80 per cent of 110 is 88, so the tyre's height is 88 millimetres. The final number is the diameter of the tyre's rim. This number, however, is expressed in inches. So for the given example, the tyre is 110 millimetres wide, 88 millimetres high, and uses a rim with a 19-inch diameter.

Engine Components

Look for engine components, and even entire engines for a bike. Simple items like replacement spark plugs and air filters can be purchased inexpensively, and are an easy way to keep a bike running smoothly. Additional components such as gasket kitsclutch baskets, and piston kits are also available.

Handlebars and Footrests

Handlebars and footrests are both functional and cosmetic. They can greatly affect the handling of a bike, and offer opportunities for rider's to personalise the machine with preferred colours. Choose footrests that provide enough width and texture to help a rider stay securely on the bike. Footrests with deep cleats can be found for mud riding. Handlebars and grips are produced in a variety of colours, and can be chosen to match the body of the bike and any decals that are present.

Body and Frame

Bikes can be customised with several parts for the body and frame, including fork gaiters, fenders, and fairings. Look for products in different colours to build a recognisable colour scheme for a bike.

Decals and Stickers

Shop from a wide selection of decals and stickers to enhance and personalise the appearance of a bike. These products are designed with company names and logos, numbers, or original graphics. 

Intended Use

While shopping, consider whether a part is being purchased as a replacement part,, or if it is used as a modification.. Broken or damaged parts on a bike can be quickly replaced with the same item, while modifications and enhancements are designed as aftermarket items. They are meant to enhance the performance of a bike by replacing the stock part with one that is more powerful, or one that provides the user with an improved riding experience.

Ensure Compatibility

Regardless of whether a part is for replacement or modifications, it is likely to be designed for specific bike models. Check the packaging of an item for a list of compatible bikes. If shopping online, look for a specifications sheet or description that indicates which bikes it can be used with. Although it is sometimes possible to use parts for bikes they are not intended for, it is best to only purchase items for the designated makes and models. This helps ensure easy installation, proper use, and the safety of the rider. 

Read Product Reviews

Parts and accessories for trials and motocross bikes are produced by a high number of manufacturers, and quality can vary greatly between them. Before committing to any purchase for a bike, take the time to look for product reviews. Many websites and publications do formal reviews of new products as they are released. These sources usually provide information about a part's specifications, and its performance as a factory new item. It is also possible to find reviews and ratings for bike parts from other buyers. Look for these at online shopping sites. In some cases, hundreds of customer reviews exist for a single product, which makes them an excellent way to gain an impartial understanding of a product's value. Customer reviews often focus on the compatibility and performance of a product in specific situations, and can provide details about its durability.

How to Buy Trials and Motocross Bike Parts on eBay

All types of trials and motocross bike parts and accessories can be purchased on eBay. Both private and commercial retailers post listings on the site, and you can select from new and used items. To begin shopping, head to the eBay home page. Searches can be conducted with a combination of keywords and category links. For example, type "fork gaiters" into the search field to see all items tagged with those keywords. From the search results page, you can use category options to refine listings by condition, manufacturer, and intended use.

Examine item listings for individual parts to ensure a positive buying experience. Click on a part in search results to bring up its full listing, and check the price of the item, its shipping costs, and the shipping methods of the seller. It is also important to determine the seller's accepted forms of payment. Read all available information about the part, and examine photos to be clear on the specific item being sold.

Look for information about the seller before finalising a purchase. eBay provides detailed information about its users' transaction history, including a positive feedback rating. This number reflects the number of buyers in the past 12 months who were satisfied with their purchase. Look for average ratings based on key aspects of the seller's performance, such as communication, shipping speeds, and accuracy of item descriptions. Leave feedback of your own once you receive your parts.


Trials and motocross bike parts affect the speed, handling, and appearance of a machine. They are available for every aspect of a bike, and buyers can shop from replacement parts and modifications to choose the best products. Begin by deciding which types of items are needed. Tyres are one of the most important parts on a bike, and can greatly affect performance. Choose products designed for mud and sand, hard pack, and streets, among others. Tyres for soft terrain have thick, wide treads. These tyres should only be used on soft terrain, as they can be worn down quickly on hard dirt and pavement. It is also important to choose tyres of appropriate size.

Select replacement items, or consider parts to modify and enhance a bike. In both cases, it is important to choose parts that are compatible with a bike. Look for a list of bikes that a part can be used with on packaging or specifications sheets. It is also worth taking the time to read product reviews. These can be found in specialty publications related to trials and motocross bikes, and a high number of ratings and reviews are available from customers on shopping sites, as well.

Trials and motocross parts can be purchased from auto parts stores, specialty retailers, and online sellers. Several websites provide parts for bikes, and marketplaces like eBay have listings from both private and commercial sellers. Shop around to find the full selection of items, and choose parts to improve the performance of trials and motocross bikes.

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