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I would like to warn others about a horrid little bit of trickery from certain dubious eBayers who are selling vintage Sindy dolls with the plug heads -the 1960s ones.  Very often, the neck connecting part becomes split which is often why the head is then wobbly - but sometimes the head can be wobbly without damage (such are old dolls it seems!).  BUT, I paid a great deal a while ago for a 1960s Sindy and discovered some unscrupulous devil had whittled a branch down to size to fit into the damaged neck part of the Sindy to attach her head to her neck!  Of course, ordinarily you would never see this, unless like me you like to VERY CAREFULLY remove the head (to reroot for example).  Not recommended by the way unless you are prepared to risk damaging the very fragile neck joints of these older dolls.

Naturally, with a piece of organic woodland matter shoved into the neck aperture, this dolls actual value is greatly reduced.

What can be done?  ASK QUESTIONS!  Ask the seller where they obtained the doll, was it theirs, do they know it is modified or damaged in any way?  Its a tricky one to spot.... but just to let everyone know - IT IS THERE, IT DOES EXIST AND THERE ARE PEOPLE OUT THERE DOING THIS TO OUR BELOVED SINDY DOLLS!!!!!

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