A Woman's Guide to Buying Abdominal Equipment

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It is the core area of the body, but oddly enough the toughest one for women to target. The abdominals (or abs) are the part of the body that a woman cherishes most, and is the biggest element in working out. Simply put, strong abdominals are required in order to stay in all-round good shape. There is a multitude of equipment that claims to be the best for working the abdominals, so it’s hard to sort the fads from the effective.

This guide looks at the top equipment in terms of female abdominal training, and how to use them. Always remember that when it comes to fitness, users can only get out of it what they choose to put in. There are various online retailers who sell gym equipment, but none offer better value for money than eBay.

Cardio Machines

The traditional and most recognisable forms of gym equipment, which work on reducing fat in the abdomen area by providing a full body workout. Cardiovascular equipment requires women to engage their abs without directly targeting them. The following are considered the most effective forms of cardiovascular gym equipment available for home use:

Cardio Machines



No piece of equipment has more association with the gym environment than the treadmill. It involves running on an automated conveyor belt. The belt can be raised to an incline in order to place heavier focus on the abdominal region.

Cross Trainer

One of the more modern pieces of gym equipment to become popular in recent years. Involves moving both handles and footrests at the same time. The user does this by generating power from their core.

Fitness Bike

Far from flashy but invaluable when it comes to getting a toned stomach. Involves taking on traditional bike movements but upping the resistance. This means that the user’s abdominals are forced to work harder.

Spinning Bike

A modification on the traditional fitness bike, spinning bikes are lighter and sleeker. They are purpose built for high intensity exercise. Involves replicating the feeling of riding a bike uphill.

Rowing Machine

Considered the premier form of complete body workout. Involves using the arms, legs and abdominals all at once. It’s the perfect way to get a full body workout in a short amount of time.

Stair Climber

Similar to the cross trainer, the stair climber involves using the legs as a means to work the abdominals. A low-impact option that is perfect for women who are new to the world of home fitness.

Captain’s Chair

A captain’s chair is a large metal contraption that is made out of solid steel and durable padding. This equipment targets the lower abdominals, but is not for the faint of heart. The American Council on Exercise (ACE) lists it as the second most effective abdominal workout available and it isn’t difficult to see why. The skill is in knowing how to use this basic looking piece of equipment effectively.

  • Start by placing both arms on the rest areas, while the back faces the equipment.
  • Put both feet onto the supports and grasp the hand pegs.
  • Lean against the backrest and let your legs hang for a moment.
  • Start to steadily lift both legs up into a seated position, try to get the knees as close as possible to the chest.
  • Hold this position before releasing and repeating.

The captain’s chair is an affordable piece of equipment to buy, but it is strenuous and can be harmful if used incorrectly. Before using a captain’s chair be sure that you have the strength required to use it properly, and don’t overdo it.

Cable Machine

It may not immediately spring to mind as a piece of equipment that helps improve abdominal strength. However, on each machine there is a pull-up bar option. That minor piece of equipment is invaluable in abdominal development. Not unlike the captain’s chair it isn’t complicated to use either.

  • Start by grasping the two bars situated above the machine.
  • Raise your legs into the air at either a 90-degree or 45-degree angle.
  • From this point do straight leg raises.
  • It may be of benefit to use abdominal straps; this allows users to have some extra support should they need it.

A cable machine is perfect for women who want added security when carrying out abdominal exercises. Shoppers should always be aware that cable machines are heavy and take up a large amount of space; this means that they aren’t suitable for all homes.

Seated Crunch Machine

This particular piece of equipment works both the upper and lower abdominal areas. It’s a low impact option for those who don’t fancy taking on or investing in larger pieces of equipment. In order to use a seated crunch machine take the following steps:

  • Sit on the chair and place both arms on the padded armrests.
  • Place both feet underneath and keep your back tight to the backrest.
  • Fold your body over, but don’t hunch.
  • Keep moving the upper body down but raise the legs up at the same time.
  • Do the movements slowly and keep them controlled, and repeat for an allotted number of sets and reps.
  • If the user requires a higher-level resistance they can alter the settings of the unit by sliding a pin into the weight stack.

Lightweight and versatile, a seated crunch machine is perfect for those looking for a piece of equipment that is easy to store. It is also the most affordable piece of abdominal targeting gym equipment, and is perfect for women of all shapes and sizes.

Buying Used Abdominal Equipment

Investing in gym equipment can be expensive and that is specifically true when it comes to abdominal equipment for women. New models can dent even the most affluent of bank balances, but don’t let this put you off. Buying used is always an option, and eBay has made finding the right used unit just a few clicks away.

However, shoppers should not enter the used market lightly. Always take into account that what is being described may not be what is being sold, ask the seller questions to gain a better grasp of the product.

  • How old is the equipment?
  • How often has it been used?
  • Is it still under the manufacturer’s warranty?
  • Has it been damaged?
  • Does it come complete with the original instruction manual?
  • Has it been subjected to any repairs?

Safety Tips

Always wear non-baggy and appropriate clothing.

Wipe down the equipment after use.

Do your best to maintain proper form.

Warm up before using any form of gym equipment.

Increase workload and intensity gradually.

Do not workout if feeling tired or injured.

If concerned about safety try working out with a partner.

How to Buy Women’s Abdominal Equipment on eBay

There is plenty of fitness equipment available, and some are more effective than others. However, the key element to getting hard abdominals and a toned stomach is finding the right equipment and sticking with it.

This guide looks at all the equipment available and what is best suited towards women. Incorporating these items alongside a stable and healthy diet will get a woman closer to their weight and fitness goals. Finding the equipment you’re after isn’t complicated, simply follow the following steps when on eBay’s homepage.

  • In order to see what eBay has for sale, click the sporting goods option that is located to the left of the homepage.
  • If you are simply looking to browse, select exercise and fitness then strength training to see all that is for sale.
  • Locating a specific model is something that many shoppers will want to do. They should try using the keyword and advanced search options found at the top of the page if this is the case.

Completing a Transaction

Shoppers won’t want to see a prize piece of gym equipment slip away, so it’s important to act fast. Be sure to do one of the following whilst on an item listing.

Place a Bid

Make a Best Offer

Buy it Now

The sooner you pay for an item the sooner you will receive it, so don’t hesitate when it comes to going through the checkout process.

Make your purchase via PayPal. This will ensure that the buyer protection programme covers the order and transaction.


Women around the world are always looking for the best way to obtain a flat stomach and toned set of abdominal muscles. It may come as a shock, but there is no quick fix nor is a crash diet going to get the results that most desire. It takes hard work and time to lower someone’s BMI, but there are pieces of gym equipment that can aid the process. Not everyone will get the same results from the same pieces of equipment; so it’s important to try various types of equipment prior to purchase.

After exploring the market and seeing what piece of abdominal training equipment is suitable. It will be time to find it at the best possible price and shoppers should have only one retailer in mind. eBay is the world’s leading online gym equipment retailer, and will have abdominal equipment to suit all needs and requirements.

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