A fake Nokia 8800 Sirocco gold

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I recently purchased a phone that was meant to be a Nokia 8800 Sirocco Gold edition. I later realised after taking the phone to several retailers that it was a clever fake.

The areas that were deficient were:-

1. The sound of the phone was inferior

2. The camera on the back of the phone was malaligned.

3. There was no email client on the phone.

4. There was not the standard Brian Eno ringtones.

5. Bluetooth did not work at all properly.

6. The memory allocation was incorrect. About 44MB of memory was said to be free, but the rest of the memory was not accounted for.

7. There was no engraved Nokia Sirocco on the back cover.

8. *#0000# revealed software 3.51, but this software could not be upgrdaded by Carphone warehouse.

When I contacted Nokia, they said the phone came from Singapore.

I spent about £300 for a complete fake. Someone has managed to house inferior components! I was on the look out for a genuine gold Sirocco, but I became too scared that I would get another fake.

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