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Mobile phones have become a passion and hobby of mine for many years. I am going to review the different biggest mobile phone manufacturers that we have today. With the information gathered, I am sure I am able to offer you a valuable source of information about the biggest and best manufacturers in the UK. I trust that this will help you in deciding what mobile phone maker is able to offer the best phone for your personal needs.

After I have taken the time to review our 4 biggest and therefore most known manufacturers, I am going to share a couple of other tips with you that can save you a lot of frustration and hassle when purchasing your new phone.


Nokia is not only the number 1 phone manufacturer of mobile phones in the UK but worldwide, although its position is under threat from many other makers, especially Sony Ericsson and Samsung. Nokia have the advantage of outstanding loyalty from its traditional customer, together with a perceived reputation for reliability and user friendliness. One of Nokias problems is its difficulty in competing against electronic giants like Sonu and Samsung with their unparalleled expertise in technologies like digital photography and LCD displays. As it is precisely these technologies that become more and more important in modern phones, the gap between Nokia and its rivals becomes more apparent. Nokias response is to focus more on innovative design and the concept of a "fashion" phone. However, at the top end of the market, Nokia has a dominant position in the smartphone market with its Series 60 platform.

Sony Ericsson

Sony Ericsson is currently the world's number 2 mobile phone producer. It resembles a joint venture company between Sony and Ericsson. Ericsson bring with them years of experience within the movie phone industry, and Sony provides world leading expertise in core technologies such as LCD displays, digital photography and audio, as well as a solid reputation for innovative design and high quality. Surely, this is a winning combination! First offerings from Sony Ericsson failed to hit the mark for some reason, with poor reliability in many of the early products, however since the beginning of 2004 these problems have been solved and the latest range of Sony Ericsson phones are very highly rated.


The latest Samsung range is providing very popular, mainly due to its great looking and user friendly designs. In the past few years, Samsung has risen to become the third largest mobile phone manufacturer in the world. The reason for Samsung's success has been to offer cutting edge technology, especially high quality LCD displays, digital camera and market leading ringtones; packaged in attractive designs. Samsung have a key advantage in being the world's electronic giants, with expertise in a wide range of key technologies.


Motorola have been at the forefront of clamshell-style phones since the early days, although they also produce conventional brick-style phones too. Especially in the last couple of years, Motorola have sought to move their range up market with the release of a range og high-spec fashion phones, which have proved to be extremely popular, as Motorola have correctly identified a demand for increasingly sophisticated technology, especially amongst younger consumers.


ck_truth's personal tips

  • Best source if information
    I would strongly advice against asking for advise on what phone to get in a physical shop - remember, as attractive advertising might be, a sales person does not really care whether a mobile phone is going to be suited to your actual needs. A sales person will not tell you what disadvantages a particular phone may bring you!
    When trying to decide what phone to purchase, what I have found the the best source of information to be (as for almost everything), is the internet. The internet is filled with unlimited discussion boards and forums, covering every topic imaginable. All you have to do is access one of the internet search engines such as Yahoo or Google, type in "Disadvantage 'and the exact name of the phone'". The reason why I encourage to search with the word "Disadvantage" is, as this will less likely search for a manufacturers website, which would only have amazing reviews about their own products. Such advertising reviews will be filtered out but you will be presented with website links for true user reviews!

  • Waiting is not always such a bad thing
    If you are not too desperate to purchase a phone on the day or month it enters the market, why not wait a few months and let other people be the guinea-pig for a new mobile phone model! It takes only a couple of months for a mobile phone maker to gather first consumer complaints and frustrations. Immediately manufacturers get their developers and engineers to work on the reported difficulties. The phone will have a re-release, offering a slightly better model under the exact same name without the public realizing this.
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