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Why is it worth me investing in a solid hardwood flooring?

Many of the customers we serve at Henry Venables Timber Limited approach ourselves knowing very little or no actual knowledge about hardwood flooring, their properties or characteristics. We feel strongly that education regarding the resource itself is very important. Therefore we would like to provide some information on the advantages of hardwood flooring.

  • Hardwood flooring can live with nicks and scratches, is easily repaired and refinished and its value is lasting.
  • Hardwood flooring is genuine, not imitation.
  • Hardwood flooring is natural, not synthetic
  • In addition to hardwood floorings distinctive beauty and lasting value, doctors often recommend hardwood flooring because of it traps less dust, pollen, mites and mold - which can trigger respiratory problems.
  • Hardwood flooring adds value to homes everywhere.
  • Real hardwoods colours will never go out of style.

A little more information on hardwood flooring

Hardwood flooring is easy to lay and requires little maintenance. The flooring can be purchased pre-finished or un-finished. Un-finished flooring gives the homeowner many options with colours and stains that might not be available in pre-finished flooring. Pre-finished flooring is very similar in quality to solid un-finished flooring, however, it comes with a consistant and long lasting factory finish.

Plywood is recommended as a suitable base to provide hold for nails. If fixing directly over existing floorboards, ensure these are secure and level. A 6mm plywood base can be used to level uneven floorboards. If laying onto concrete, plywood of 18-24mm is recommended. A timber adhesive should be used if directly gluing the floor boards. 

Please allow up to 7-14 days for the wood to acclimatise.

If you require any further information or assistance on hardwood flooring please visit our Ebay shop.



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