A garden that looks Tropical

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Species which can grow in UK and make your gerden Tropical

Don't you love the tropical gardens? Full of flowers and palms.. You can have something like that. 
The main topic is covering all the  heights. In the rain forest there are green leaves from the soil to the tallest tree. We can reproduce that by playing with different plants. If we combine Palms with climbers, and Musas with little plants, that could make your garden seem to be like a jungle.
The place we put the plants is really important. We have to put the tallest plants at the back with the climbers around the trunks. The average height plants should be spaced  along the garden with the smallest and covering plants, like asparagus, around them.
Putting some flower plants  between them could make a nicee surprise when they bloom in spring or summer.
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What species?

There are some species wich can grow in uk and they look tropial too. Some palms like  Trachycarpus Fortuney or  Phoenix Canariensis will give the tall aspect to your garden naxt to some  Bamboos . You can put  Musa Sikkimensis Yucca Filamentosa and  Fatsia Japonica to cover the middle high.  Nearest to the floor, we can grow some  Asparagus Densiflorus which will cover the soil with lots of soft green leaves.  If we want to give some colour, we can put the beautiful climber  Passiflora,   Red Cannas and Calas.

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