A guide to buying fine arts

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There are a lot of people out there who enjoy looking at  fine arts. Do you know what to look for? Nearly all artwork will have some form of idetification. The Artwork that i sell in my shop or at auction all come with a certificate of aunthenticity. These certificates are given to the sellers/agents by the publishing company of the artwork. As with any kind of, sort after item, you will occasionally come across fakes. The first thing to do when buying art is to find the edition number(if it is limited editon). Find out what company produced the artwork and get in touch, if you have any doubts. Take your artwork to your nearest gallery and ask them to check it for you. Sometimes you will come across artwork without the certificate, but if it is authentic then you should be able to get a certificate from the publisher. Always check the quality of the artwork and find out what process was used to make the print, if applicable. As with anything that is sold on the internet you always have to be careful on what you are buying. Always read descriptions properly as something missed by you will usually end with a no return policy. Check that the person selling the item is offering a refund and make sure that you read that policy correctly. Bad reading of policies can sometimes end in you losing out. Don't believe everything that you read as there are people out there that will try everything to get your money. Find all you artwork here. I also have e book on this subject if you are considering buying or selling arts and antiques. If you would like this e book please contact me through messages with your e mail address and i will forward a copy to you.
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