A guide to buying girls' gymnastics leotards

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Choosing a girl's gymnastics leotard.

There are many factors to consider when choosing girls gymnastics leotards and we hope this guide will be of some assistance.


If your daughter is just beginning in gymnastics, to start with all she will need is a basic leotard for training. At this stage you may not want to spend a lot of money on an elaborate foil print or jewelledleotard. We have many classic leotards, some are plain lycra or velour, others have a little more detail with stripes or panels but are still reasonably priced for a beginner.

As your little girl progresses she will probably want to wear something a little more glamorous.  At this stage you will need to consider what she will be mainly using the leotard for. For training most girls findsleeveless leotards are better but for competing long sleeved leotards are the norm. Also consider whether she will be doing more work on the bars or more floor work. Crystals and gems look fabulous but may be uncomfortable on the bars. 

We also have a large range of shorts, leggings and pants which a lot of girls choose to wear over or under their leotard, no doubt your child will be guided by what her friends wear to the gym.

To add the finishing touches we have co-ordinating hair scrunchies to match all of our leotards.
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