A guide to buying handbags - personal perspective

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I love a bag, particularly Lulu Guinness and Biba, and have never been sold a fake so when purchasing these brands, and at times, the older the better for me.

I have found the following useful when buying these brands:
1. Where something is advertised as current, if you are wanting to check that the item is not a fake, the House of Fraser website is always a good starting point, as they sell numerous items for both brands.
2. The price can increase quickly for these items, commit yourself to a price and try not to get yourself into a bidding war.  You can quickly find yourself paying a lot more than you wanted to.
3. Older does not mean cheaper!!  Some of the bags advertised are rare and if they are in good condition you should expect to pay for this.
4. Try to look for bags that are sold with the original dust bags, this can show that the item has been looked after and loved.
5. And finally, I either bid early on, commit to a maximum amount and then not look or only bid towards the end in the hope that no-one else is looking.  Alternatively, if there are several options of the same bag available I take all of the above into consideration and will 'watch' keeping in mind my maximum bid.

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