A guide to contemporary wall hangings

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Metal wall sculpture is rapidly becoming one of the best ways to make a modern day statement in your home or work space. If you are looking for something extra than the usual things you see placed on walls and want an impressive talking piece to show off, then here is where to look.  As a stainless steel artist my work sells internationally and I have created a range of ultra modern artworks that are all hand crafted to my own designs, they are all signed, unique, original limited editions with certificates and becoming very collectable. 
Quality counts in my book so if you invest in an artwork from me you can be assured that you will receive a perfectly finished quality piece that you can hang as soon as you take it from its box.  These artworks also have a hidden talent, they come with a dual purpose, as in the day the way that they attr act and illuminate is really quite astounding and depending on the style they glisten, reflect or absorb the surrounding light and at night its another story, with the luminescent metallic colours coupled with the hand applied etchings almost dancing around as light floods the surface of the artwork, and if you change the colour of the lighting then the whole effect becomes different again.  So as you will see you are getting real value for money with one of these popular pieces as the have positively chameleon like qualities offering you a wide range of display choices whilst always maintaining the original attractive outline that first attracts the buyers eye.       ArtsApart ebay shop
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